Thursday, April 17, 2014

As I Sit Here...

As I sit here looking at my nice clean house, clean children lying abed, and freshly carpeted floors I can't help but think of all the wonderful things I have in my life. And how often I seem to overlook these things because I complain...

Yes, I complain. I complain that the money runs out before the month does, though we have all we need. I complain that the children get too loud or too rowdy, though on the whole they are healthy. I complain that I can't figure out what I should make for supper, though my freezer is full. I complain about many many things that I really shouldn't complain about.

I sit here, at this moment, and pray to God that he help me in this matter. I cannot seem to control these ungrateful moments in my life. I am human after all. I know people personally who are far worse off than I. They do not have enough food, or any money at all, or worse still their child is ill or they've lost a child. I have no right to complain.

"The dishes need washing." I mutter ... though I should be grateful we had something to put on those dishes to make them dirty.

"The laundry needs doing." I sigh ... though I should be thankful that we have clothing to wear so that it may get dirty.

"I'd like to buy this or that." I lament ... though I should be thankful that we have all we need (and after doing the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge I realized that we actually had FAR more than we needed).

"Why should we have to ...?" I whine ... though I should be thankful that we're in a position to do whatever it is I'm whining about.

You get the general idea. Each and every day there is at least one mumble, gripe, or discordant thought that pops either out of my mouth or into my head. And, truly, I should not complain.

God has seen fit to give me children who are healthy, though some do have some challenges. He has seen fit to give me a husband who loves me and who beat a terminal illness. He has seen fit to allow me to live comfortably in my life. And He has seen fit to allow me general decent health.

No, my life is NOT perfect. I do not have all that I want, extra money to spend on things that I do not need (or sometimes enough money to pay for needed items all at once), my husband still has health issues though he will thankfully live for at least a while more at my side, and my children need some extra care for certain things. I am no longer skinny, young, or stylish (not that I ever gave two figs about style in the first place). I do not live at the end of a block with 2.3 children and a white picket fence. 

But my life is wonderful because He chose to give it to me. Who am I to complain about what He has given me? I am His child, and as a child I whine and complain because I am human. I am flawed because I am human. And because He is my father He understands all of this and forgives me my flaws. 

So, what is my reasoning in telling you all of this? Dwell not on the things that you do not have, but rejoice in what you do have. We are not all the same because HE made us to be different. He gave us each different qualities and burdens, gifts and decisions ... It is ourselves who have made our lives into what they now are, and it is up to us through Him to make the best of it. Give your worries, your complaints, your whining, your grumbles, and your heartfelt thanks all to HIM because through Him all things are possible.

Because complaining won't change things, you'll always find something else that doesn't work.

(Normally, on Thursdays, I write about what is working in our lives or our homeschool... today I chose to write about something that is not working.)

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  1. Thank you so much for this post!! I really needed to read this & it's so fitting for the season.

    1. You're welcome and I am glad that it touched you at all. Honestly, I simply wrote as I thought because I was tired of being so ungrateful all the time. :-)