Saturday, April 12, 2014

We topped 20!

It feels like ages since we've had any significant time outside to speak of. After tallying up this week's hours outside for the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge we actually passed 20 hours this week! Not by much mind you but it happened! We haven't had that much time outside in one week since fall ended and boy can I see a difference in behavior.

 We did several walks this week, including one to the library which is about two miles away. We played outside, watched smoke stream up to the sky from controlled fires in Canada, and planted onions so that we could eat the green bits with certain foods. We played in the rain (no pictures of that as I didn't want to get the camera wet) and all around enjoyed ourselves. 

As a matter of fact I didn't take pictures every day as we really were simply enjoying ourselves. But, here are several that I did take!

As you can see most of these were taken during our walk to the library on Saturday, the one of the smoke rising up was taken on Sunday on our way home after several long hours in the car.

These are the pictures of us planting our onions, and the aftermath of them trying the "green bits" when we brought the container inside!

They weren't all that impressed by the flavor but they loved that it could be added to foods and we were growing them ourselves!

So, with our 20.25 hours in this week our year to date total is 205.75 hours. That means that we still have 794.25 hours left to go! With weeks like this that shouldn't be too hard. 

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  1. YAY for being outside. Isn't it just awesome!! I love the idea of the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge but honestly in the Summer we are outside probably 10 hours a day!! Enjoy it!

    1. We're outside almost all summer long ourselves. I joined the challenge mostly to keep tabs on how many hours we are outside. My kids don't get a lot of TV or movie time, not even a lot of video game time. I just wanted to see if we could make the 1000 hours goal. Here's hoping for some wonderful weather the rest of spring and summer so that I can get us there! :-) 10 hours a day during the summer is awesome!