Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reno, Paint, and Learning Too

To be honest with you as we started this week I had no plans on doing any renovation work what so ever this week. (I post our weekly plans Sunday afternoons on our Facebook page.) I'd planned on three review days of school, Thursday off to do our monthly errand running, and Friday beginning a long weekend (Daddy has a specialist appointment for his knee on Monday and the campers are going to hang out at Grandma's house). My husband told me Tuesday (I think) night that we were going to finish both Cracker Jack's rooms this weekend. I hadn't expected to do both in one weekend but I was pretty happy about it. It makes the company coming in one month (for the Cracker Jack's First Communion) less intimidating if at least the children's rooms are all finished. (I did post a quick couple of pictures on Thursday as a head's up here. )
There's buds on the trees!!!!

But, I'm jumping ahead. Because so much happened this week! For a week that was supposed to be sooo laid back (and it was) there has been a TON of things happen around here!

This is what's left of our snow "mountain"
Monday we had a regular school day. The children did their lessons without too much complaint (well, other than YCJ who really doesn't like Monday's and complains every Monday and drags her feet on lessons). We did end lessons just a bit early because the weather was simply too darned nice to not be outside. Since we have a muddy yard (rain and snow melt) and the patio is still a mess from before the snow there wasn't going to be any lessons outside. We went for a long walk, the kids drew with sidewalk chalk, and then (after I thought we were finished outside) the children had to "help" (read play more outside) Daddy BBQ supper.

Tuesday we had another short review day for our lessons. Took early afternoon baths/showers and readied ourselves for the very last catechism class of the year. As the weather was so wonderful we decided to walk up to the church, the Cracker Jack's and I did this before in the fall but this was the farthest that Peanut has ever walked! She made it without one complaint although she did trip and got a little scrape near her eye about halfway there. Peanut's group were able to play in the gym on two separate bouncy houses, play with soccer and basket balls, and eat a nice snack of fresh popped popcorn and juice boxes. The Cracker Jack's both got their medals for working so hard towards their First Communion and YCJ got a second (smaller) medal from her third grade teacher. (All of the pictures from Tuesday are still on my phone ... sorry.) When we got home from catechism Daddy surprised me with a completely clean and organized closet in our bedroom!!!

Wednesday I'd had planned to do our last day of review, however we decided the time would be best spent by cleaning out ECJ's room. OH the horrors of a pre-teen boy's room left unchecked! This boy used to keep his room meticulous and suddenly, over the last year or so, it has begun to look like an A bomb goes off in it at regular intervals. I don't even want to mention how much trash, laundry, and other junk we got out of there (though I finally did go through his dresser and organize it again). The campers also spent about an hour or so outside just goofing around and playing.

Daddy surprised us with a bunch
of carpeting that was gifted to us!
ECJ shocked me by reading
from his health book about RICE
to his sisters

Thursday was the 3rd, our monthly errand running day, so of course we had to go pay some bills and buy some essentials. A few supplies we were lacking for paint jobs were bought and then we came back home. ECJ's new room was started that evening and somehow during the day the children managed some more time outside between the light rain drops. And Daddy was able to get the couple of pieces of dry wall in the house that we'd purchased to finish the walls in YCJ's new room. I also managed to catch a wonderful picture of half of a rainbow from our side deck, right after I'd found out I was nominated for a Liebster Award and that I was going to be featured this week in Friendship Friday's (hosted by Faithful Mom of 9 ). It was a day I felt truly blessed by!

Yesterday was Friday and I won't go into a whole bunch of tedious details by typing out each and every step of what we did. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. (The colors didn't show up exactly right in the pictures, but he's super excited about how it looks!)

Final product!!!

That brings us to today, Saturday, where we've begun to paint YCJ's room. I'll post pictures of it next week during that wrap up as it's not finished yet. We've run into a snag having to cover up some writing that the previous owner's teenage son had put on the walls.

Tomorrow we're going to see the eldest boy make Confirmation and we couldn't be prouder!

Peanut (preK/K) did some awesome things this week. She made her very own Play Dough grapes by studying the pictures on the box. She was able to drill some drywall screws with Daddy's help. AND she did a great job helping to paint! Oh, and she did wonderful with her lessons this week too.

In third grade news, YCJ did some work on her knitting loom, did well with her lessons, and also drilled and painted in her own room with Daddy and Mommy. She also cornered her brother for some hugs on the couch Friday morning.

As for ECJ (sixth grade) he did quite a lot of life skill work this week. He cooked lunch (one spaghetti o's and once chicken noodle soup) twice this week for the campers, he learned how to mend stuffed animals and ripped clothing, how to paint, lay carpet, and work with drywall. 

Random pictures:
Sniffing out supper from the front porch while supervising the kids (and Daddy) on Monday.

Our donation load to Salvation Army this week as part of our 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge I/we are doing for Lent.

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  1. Wow. For a laid back week, you guys sure did a lot. Haha! I am loving the room. The walls are super cool. He looks so happy!

    I would hate what to see what a busy week looks like. Sheesh.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us at the #homeschoollinkup!

    1. LOL Lisa, well, it was "supposed" to be a laid back week! It sure didn't turn out that way (and we're still working on things). He is so so so so so (too many so's?) excited about his room. He claims we're super cool parents for doing it like that for him, lol which makes me happy.

  2. Wow great job on all the donations and the room!! Very impressive!

    1. Thank you Lisa! It's been a super long week and the start to a second long week,but we're grateful that things are going so well. :-)

  3. First of all congratulation on the confirmation. Philip's will be next year. Here it is done in the 7th grade.

    I like the paint jobs. They are very unique.

    Our bathroom is coming along nicely thanks to the skills of Grandpa. Everything is out and the rebuilding is under way.

    I just tackled the basement with the help of the kids. Lots of stuff gone but still lots more to go.

    1. Thank you, Chris! I bet you can't wait for next year for Philip :-) ECJ's is in 2 years when he hits 8th grade.

      I saw your post (I just haven't had a ton of time to sit yet) and your bathroom is looking like it is indeed coming along nicely!

  4. Congratulate Your son on his confirmation for me! that's awesome! The upcoming First communions are pretty awesome too! It looks like you guys really did accomplish so much and everyone looks very happy doing so!

    1. It was certainly a different sort of week and this week feels much of the same. But the house is finally coming together and we couldn't be happier! I will pass the congratulations along :-) I'm sure they will be appreciated.