Saturday, April 26, 2014

Did We Do It Again?

OK, so those of you who read the weekly wrap up or follow us on our Facebook page will know that we spent ten hours outside by Wednesday evening!!! Here's just a few snapshots of those first four days of our week...

These were from early Easter Sunday afternoon, one quick shot of ECJ in all but his suit jacket and then pictures of the playing after we all changed into more comfortable clothing.

 These were all snapped later Sunday afternoon as we stopped at a park/beach on our way home to stretch our legs. We could have gone further out on the pier but didn't want to disturb the fishermen.
A shot of the green (yes, GREEN!!) field next to our house on Monday
Part of our new decorative fencing Daddy and I put in on Tuesday, while the campers blew bubbles
and ran around like crazy.

Peanut playing with her stick and bottle cap baby doll

And these were snapped on Wednesday afternoon. As for Thursday and Friday we had a total of 2.5 hours for these two days. I didn't snap any pictures of either because on Thursday I forgot to and on Friday it was raining off and on all day and I don't like the idea of getting my camera wet. That means 12.5 hours so far in the week, leaving 7.5 hours worth of outside time for Saturday if we were going to make 20 hours...

So, did we make (or top) 20 again??

Nope. We woke up Sunday morning to stuffy heads and noses. Allergy and sinus season has arrived! So, for today at least we stayed inside and babied our poor heads, hoping to come up with a solution to this problem before it stops us from reaching our goals.

So, our weekly total is: 12.5 hours outside
And, our year to date total is: 238.25 hours!!!

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