Friday, September 11, 2015

Crazy Start to the"New" School Year

Well, normally I'd say we're all set and breezing through the beginning of the new school year. However, this year that's not the case. It seems that when we bought our new home in Kentucky that the previous owners were hiding a few facts. Such as the presence of mold in the house due to the last flood in the area. Because of that we have had to leave that house and begin looking for another one.

We're currently staying with some family while we look. Some of the school books had to be tossed, some were accidentally left in our storage unit, and the rest we were able to remember and bring with us.

Currently we're doing our lessons first thing in the morning while Mommy drinks coffee. And while all planned lessons are getting done, we're having a bit of trouble getting back into our usual rhythm.

I have no doubt that we'll be in our groove before long but the adjustments are interesting. In the meantime I'm doubling up on my coffee.

On a non school related note, I managed to severely bruise one of my knuckles and I'm still not sure how I did it.

And on a crafting front I've been very busy working on, and filling, baby set orders.