Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Monday? Have Faith...

Oh boy! It's Monday again! Another Monday that started out oh so slow and I didn't think we'd ever get anything done. Yes, I had little faith.

However, by 2 PM we had over half of our school work finished, most of the laundry done, 2 loads of dishes done, one crock pot of beans portioned up/bagged/and in the freezer for those who we're giving them to (and later for when I make burritos), the other crock pot of beans was seasoned for supper tonight (beans and cornbread) with whatever is remaining to be the start of our chili for tomorrow night, and we'd planned our next crock pot meal (for Wednesday night) for chicken. 

The girls finished only slightly behind schedule at 4:30 PM with their lessons and it was agreed by ECJ, Daddy, and myself that he could take the rest of the evening to finish his lessons if he needed to.

God worked a miracle in our home today because as each task was completed without loss of limb or temper I became calmer. Though there was still much on my mind.

ECJ and YCJ are both making their First Communion this upcoming Saturday! We're also having a small get together at our home afterwards to celebrate. My what a check list to go through and make me slightly nervous and stressed. I am not used to holding parties and both of the Cracker Jacks are making their First Communions behind schedule as it is because we've moved so many times over the years.

Instead of panicking, as I'm prone to do, I began looking around at what God had already allowed us to accomplish.

All three children's rooms were freshly painted and had new flooring (wood or carpeting). Our "scary" bathroom was now as calm as a spa thanks to a fresh coat of paint, and since that's for the children and the guests this was important. Our living room, hallway, classroom area, dining room, and laundry area all had new flooring down as well. ECJ's suit was ready for him to wear and YCJ communion dress and veil had been to the dry cleaners and back looking beautiful. We have 90% of the menu for Saturday planned as well as the cake ordered for pick up on Friday. 

So, what was left to do? Finish planning the meal and pick up all the ingredients for it by Friday, easily enough accomplished on Friday itself. Exchange the gas bottle for the grill, also easily enough done on Friday. Clean the house, thanks to most of the house already being cleaned this can be done Friday evening also. And, last but never least, pray.

Very little left to do, very little to worry about, and yet here I was stressing out. I had not attended to my duties by putting the children through catechism all these years so that they'd have already had their First Communions with their classes. I made sure that this wouldn't happen again as we're going to make sure they all take their classes from now on as scheduled.

The First Communion is the second rite in the Catholic church, it usually happens in second grade and always after the child has been baptized (the first rite). This will be the first time that two of my children are allowed to receive the body and blood of Christ and take part in the Eucharist. It is a wonderful, beautiful, and blessed moment in their lives. I am very proud of them for working so hard this year not only in their own catechism classes but also to learn all they needed to know for their First Communion.

This is a wonderful moment for my children and our family. Though we noticed today that ECJ has a few pimples developing (he's 12 and we knew they would happen sooner or later, but another week of waiting wouldn't have hurt anything lol) and that he's chewed his bottom lip until he has a scab there. I handed him some of my facial scrub in hopes that it would help as we have nothing for acne here in our home, we hadn't needed any yet, and a brand new tube of chap stick.

We've convinced YCJ that she does not need to wear lip gloss to her First Communion, but that we'll allow a really pale pink nail polish. We also are planning on surprising her with a brand new hair style that will compliment her veil. 

Later on we'll have pictures taken professionally to commemorate this day, but for now we'll enjoy it. I'll take a deep breath and remember to have faith that all will go well.

How can it not? I trust in Him, and He even made our Monday work well for us!!! Monday's hardly ever go well for us. Thank you Lord for this day and the lesson You taught me about keeping faith!!

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