Thursday, April 24, 2014

Make Your Library Work for You

I know that pretty each homeschool mother knows how to use their local library to their advantage. Well, I've been checking out TONS of books from the library on any and every topic that I've ever thought we might find interest in. The best part of this is that if we find we're not interested in that topic then we hadn't spent money on a book we wouldn't use (so long as you never have a late fee that is).

However, recently, I discovered several things that our library offers that I either hadn't known about before or hadn't thought to use as a resource. 

Things like their "busy boards" in the children's area...

These boards get changed out from time to time to keep them "fresh" for the children to keep interest in them. The children's area also has a rug where the children can sit and an adult can read from a comfortable arm chair. This makes everyone pretty comfy for a story time.

There are also events at our local library that I'd never known about before. Like the annual "little kid" (walking to age 8) egg hunt at Easter...

The do more things at the library for holidays but this is the first holiday that I'd actually paid attention to what was available. Peanut will be the only one who'll be able to attend the library egg hunt next year, but there are several other egg hunts in our community (and the surrounding communities) for children up to age 13. So we'll probably be doing a couple of different egg hunts next year.

We, personally, do not need our library's lap sit program which is for youngsters who are ages 0-3. But, we'll be attending our very first Small Wonders class at the library tomorrow that is for ages 3-5. Peanut will be able to hear stories, poems, and nursery rhymes as well as do a few simple crafts. Our library does these two programs between 2-4 times each month which makes this a completely free resource for us that we're not feeling "obliged" to attend if something else comes up as we do not need to register for these things. It also works really well because we're able to have the older children bring some of their lessons to work through and the tables that they'll sit at to do so are right there, so keeping an eye on them as well will not be complicated.

For children 5-12 the library here has a Kid Kreations event once a month. Where children read a story and then make a related craft! Again this one is completely free and we don't have to register for it. It's also in the evening (to accommodate children who go to "regular" school) which gives us an event out of the home after our regular scheduled lessons. 

Each month they also offer a Lego contest (where they provide the Legos) that's open to all children ages 5-12. All the library patrons spend the next three weeks voting for their favorite creation and the top three winners get a small prize each!

Our library also offers a TON of things for adults. From Mom's Night Out Book Clubs, to classes for computers, to local hobbyist or authors (local or not) coming and giving a seminar. As well as crafting classes that are usually offered by someone with a lot of experience in the craft being taught for usually a simple fee of $5 per person.

Things change every month at our library but they give out a small flier (that I've somehow overlooked over the past several months) that lists all of the items offered that month as well as their times, dates, and whatever cost there may be attached to it.

So, check out your local library when you're wondering what you can do to get your child more interested in library time. You never know what you will find being offered ... and they may even pick out a book or two!!

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