Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Hunts and Outside

So, we started the week off wonderfully. Decent weather and in two days we accumulated 10.5 hours outside! Then came Tuesday... and snow... and cold. Inside bound were we for two whole days. Children shivering, socks on previously bare feet, furnace turned back up, and eyes glaring at the unwelcome invader that is snow (mind you most of it had melted by Wednesday but it was still chilly out). No one and I mean no one wanted to go outside too much. We did manage some outside time (about half an hours worth) after the doctor appointments we had on Wednesday, but Peanut spent 90% of that time with her face and hands buried in my coat because, "It's too cold, Mommy!" Never mind that we all had our winter coats on again. From beautiful spring to miserable winter and back in days! 

I didn't get any pictures at the beginning of our week with us being outside. When you're doing yard work you often forget to bring a camera, when you're having fun goofing around with the kids you often forget to bring a camera, and when your fingers are chilled enough to slip off your hands you decide against bringing the camera out.

Then Thursday came and we just had to get outside, take a walk to the store, and tour the two track on the way back! On the sidewalk on the way to the store lay this picture:
A perfect reminder from God and nature that it was Holy Thursday! I snapped a few shots of us walking back from the store and down the two track (where of course Peanut managed to splatter her legs with mud and get her shoes so wet that the socks were drenched and mud was on her toes within).

They played outside when we got home (after Peanut changed her shoes and socks). And played outside on Friday a bit as well. Unfortunately, Mommy again forgot to take any pictures of their outside play.

So, for us that leaves Saturday. A day of Easter egg hunting and pictures with "The Bunny", fun and laughter at the library, and 53 degree weather. Nope, it's not too warm but we're supposed to have a ten degree temperature hike for tomorrow which makes it sweater weather instead of coats, which pleases the girls to no end. The whole trip to the library and back too 3.5 hours and then the campers played outside some more when we got home for a total of 6 hours outside today! Here are just a few fun shots of the egg hunt and "The Bunny".
The campers playing duck duck goose while waiting for the egg hunt to begin

Turning in their eggs for prizes 

A critter we saw swimming on our way home from the egg hunt.

That takes our weekly total to: 21 hours!!!!
And our year to date total to: 225.75 hours

Not sure why we're keeping track of our time outside? Check out the 1000 Hours Outside challenge . You'll be amazed at how much screen time the average American child has in a year!

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  1. I love all the outside fun!!! Your kids always look like they are having a blast!! I hope the weather did end up warming up. It is lovely here, high 70's but rain expected tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!! :)

    1. We did end up with some wonderful weather for Easter Sunday and Monday was even warmer! However, of course, since this is Michigan we'll be getting a "cold front" for most of the rest of the week and be back down in the 40s and 50s (with only one day predicted in the 60s again until May). That's alright though, we'll still get outside unless it's too cold to play :-) ... I've some even cuter pictures already for next week's post ;-)