Tuesday, April 1, 2014

11+ Places We're Going

I very seriously contemplated sitting down to write an April Fools Day post. You know, something along the lines of drive you all batty reading it until the very last line? Then I decided against that. I'm sure there will be several such blog posts by several talented bloggers who would make them much more interesting than I would be able to. 

So, instead, I decided to give you a quick list of our vacation and camping plans for the rest of 2014 and some possible field trips. 
Camping at 7 Lakes Aug. 2012
Kentucky - Land Between the Lakes area June 4th-8th (we may come back a few days early but we're not sure yet)
Algonac Camp Ground (by our home, so we may go more than once)
7 Lakes Camp Ground (one of our favorites and we try to go for their family week in Aug.)
Brighton Lake State Camp Ground (this would be a new one)

Field Trips:
Fire station - again
Police station
Detroit Zoo (probably several times)
Several local museums
Local court house *(only possibly)
Cider Mills (we're going to try for at least two we've never been to)

Of course there could always be more or less that happens, you just never know. We plan on tent camping this year, something Daddy and I haven't done in about ten years, so we might only end up camping once this year. Next year the plan is to once again have a camper. Even with air beds I'm not sure how Daddy and I will do without a "regular" bed, our backs aren't as nimble as they used to be.

We'll probably go to the fire station around three times this year. We'll be helping them plant some flowers in the spring, getting sprayed with the hose this summer, and hopefully taking some CPR/First Aide classes there this fall. One of the campers has specifically asked to go to the police station so we're going to attempt to schedule a visit in the fall and follow it up with a visit to our local court house (if they'll allow us). Most of the field trips are likely to happen in the fall as our summer looks to be more camping and visiting Kentucky, though I'm sure there will be some spur of the moment field trips as well. I'd like to take the children to several different local museums this year, we have a bunch of small ones around us that are specifically nautical or veteran related and I'd like to take them to a few art museums as well.

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