Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting Our Groove Back

Honestly I'd planned another post on manipulatives today. However, it dawned on me as I sat to type this out that there is something much bigger going on that is once again working for us.

We've gotten back into our home renovation groove!

Partly this has happened because of the 40 Bags in 40 Days 2014 Challenge that I took on this Lent (and that my family has been of immense help during). Partly this has happened because in exactly one month the Cracker Jack's will have their First Communion and we'll be having people to the house who've never been here before. And the last little smidgion of why this is happening is because the weather has gotten warmer and we've got ants in our pants to do something.

A few of you will remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned that YCJ was going to be bunking with Peanut for a few weeks while we switched the Cracker Jack's rooms. We'd fully intended to simply switch their things out once we'd done the clean up and prep work and then move things into the center of the room to paint later on. Instead we've decided that we'll have their rooms painted (if not new floor covering down as well) before they go into their "new" rooms.

So, here was what YCJ's room looked like before:
And here's ECJ's room before we paint (this weekend) but after the floor was fixed and the walls prepped:
Walls Prepped

Floor Fixed

This is what ECJ's room looked like before:
Just a corner of his mess mind you...
And here's YCJ's room before we paint and before prep work which will be finished this weekend (paint to come within the next ten days):

Same corner the mess was in

We're picking up the rest of the supplies we need either today (our monthly errand day) or Friday. I simply can't wait to show you the after pictures of each room! I'm excited to see how they each turn out and how much of the children's personalities shine through! I know that it's not a normal thing to feel so much excitement for renovation projects, but I simply can't help it. These rooms needed redone anyway and with ECJ requesting to be put into the smallest of the rooms in the house we're more than happy to do them!!

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