Monday, November 11, 2013

Meet the Campers - Furry Edition

We're coming close to the end of the series of posts on meeting all of us and I hope that you've enjoyed reading about us. While I'll be sharing some more information about the campers of the two legged kind next week for the final post in the series, this post is about our furry little (and not so little or not so furry) family members.

All of you know about Moragon (I introduced her in the first Meet the Campers post here. ). Normally she is only with Daddy, but sometimes she's a pet as well (remember to take her badge off before petting her!). She can be just as goofy as any other two year old and she goes with us almost everywhere we go. She goes grocery shopping, eating out, almost everywhere at this point. And yet, when she's playing "pet", she wiggles and runs, barks and wags, and lets little campers lay their heads on her.

Shadow is our other canine companion. He doesn't have a "helper dog" job, he's a bit of a laid back old timer who just wants love and nose scratches. He's only stopped playing as much in the last year or so, and with winter setting in and his arthritis acting up he'll be playing even less. However, he still loves to cuddle or peak over the top of your book to see what you're reading. Camping is one of his all time favorite activities although he isn't much for the hiking part of it any more. He's the biggest baby you'll ever meet and talks all the time. Nope, I'm not talking barking ... he talks. He whines and whimpers and lets you know just about everything going on in his silly head.

Baby Trixie
Then there's Trixie cat. Good old Trixie Little Hobbit (that is his real name lol). He's just a little over two years old now and we've had him literally his entire life. At one point we owned Mommy and Daddy and they had Trixie and eventually Mommy and Daddy left us due to various reasons. Trixie is an odd mix of Siamese and American Short Hair Tabby, but there is nothing short haired about Trixie. He's a strange one, originally thought to be a girl he was the first kitten exploring everything around him and trying to escape the nest ... before his eyes were even open! He was a few months old before we knew that he was a HE ... and then the Little Hobbit part (before only a nick name) stuck permanently to his name. We still usually only call him Trixie, he answers to it and I didn't want to confuse him anymore than he already is. Usually he's a homebody, but he does occasionally go camping with us especially on extended trips. And he seems to enjoy the change of scenery, which is odd because he absolutely loathes change of any type.
Sleeping in a laundry basket
in our old camper -
Paducah, KY
Another of our beloved family members has two legs but no fur and isn't human. It's Fancy Bird. Fancy is Peanut's pet. She adores birds even though she used to be scared of them before she got a better set of glasses. Fancy talks even more than Shadow does, and if Peanut yells so does Fancy. Fancy is another reason Daddy and I are glad to be in our own room finally as he begins singing at about 5am every morning. Everyone takes care of Fancy even though he's Peanut's. (And shhh!!! Don't let on he is a HE because Peanut says that he's a SHE.) Fancy bird and Trixie cat have a bit of an understanding, Trixie can look but not get too close or Fancy will shriek and completely freak Trixie cat out. Fancy will not be camping with us until we start being gone for the winter, next summer he gets to spend a week with Grandma while we all go camping in KY.

For those of you who remember, or paid close attention to Shadow's photo, there was a little white dog we were calling Snow who lived with us for a little over a month. We ended up finding her a wonderful forever home where she will be very happy and well taken care of.

And, though she's passed on to greener dog parks, no post on our furry little friends would ever be complete without a picture of our love bug Tasia. We miss you sweet lady.
Rescued April 2009 -
Passed January 2013

Without these lovely babies our family would not be the same. The deserve our attention and our love as well as a place here.

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