Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet the Campers - The Rest of Us

A series about us is just not complete without adding the rest of us in there somewhere. 

Here's just some of who the "rest of us" includes:

Baby Girl is the oldest of all of our girls. She is the best big sister that anyone could ever ask for. She absolutely adores her baby sister, and all of the rest of her siblings. No matter how old she gets she'll always be Baby Girl to Daddy and the rest of us. She enjoys helping cook dinner, playing checkers with Daddy, sewing, and playing soccer. She's always ready to cuddle or pick up one of the younger kids. She's a one of a kind diamond. She's getting to be almost as tall as I am now and still loves it when Daddy picks her up, I doubt she'll ever outgrow that.

Buddy is the oldest child and already a teen! The time sure does fly fast! While he still enjoys riding his bike and rough housing outside his main joys right now come from his game systems, his phone, and his tablet. He can beat any of us at any game and sure knows how to work those gadgets better than we do. Even though he's a teenager now he still jumps up in his Dad's arms now and again. I've even caught him still playing Star Wars at the park with ECJ. He's a great big brother and always has time to show something new to Peanut.

When we all have a chance to be together we spend as much time having fun as we possibly can. The park right down the street from Grandma's house is perfect for this. There's plenty of room to ride bikes and three different play grounds to explore. They even get Daddy in on the fun! There's a hill that the boys are either riding their bikes down, running down, or when they were younger rolling down. And if we remember the sleds in the winter it's a decent little hill to sled down as well, though my husband says it was much better when he was younger (it was higher back then). I try to get us all in a picture in front of Grandma's fireplace once or twice a year, usually it ends up being just Christmas time but this is a rare one around Easter of this year.

And of course there's absolutely TONS of cousins to play with! Grandma's yard is positively HUGE and makes the perfect place to let them run around crazy in. Some of the cousins live all the way in Texas and so we don't get to see them as often as we'd wish. But when they come to visit it's always an extra special time. There's plenty of Aunts and Uncles to go around too, but I don't take very many pictures of them... usually because there's always a child being chased down when I remember to grab my camera.

Grandma and Papa are special parts of our family as well. They're the glue that holds all of us together. Grandma and Papa both have even taken over some of the lessons for the campers from time to time when we've been visiting and had to run an errand or two.

And many of you have heard of Noni, my mother, who comes and visits us about once a month. Noni is a nurse who works midnights so she doesn't always get to spend a lot of time with us. She also usually works the holidays so we miss some of the best picture opportunities. I've shared this picture of her here recently but it is the best one that I have at the moment.

There are more extended family and their pets that could be shared. But, as you can see there are a lot of us floating around. Each and every member of our family is wonderful and we wouldn't trade them for anything. Life is just generally better with them around.

That's the last of the Meet the Campers series and I hope that you've enjoyed getting to know us a little better. We're just like any other family as you can see, well ... maybe a little bigger than some.

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  1. It's awesome to get to know you better. It is funny how fast things go. The older I get, the faster things go. It's really scary actually. Sometimes I think back, and remember when my Mom and/or Dad were 38.

    Very scary.

    It's nice to have grandpa and grandma near by. Our elders enrich our lives so much - with their wisdom (which isn't always wanted but always offered). Haha.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. It seems like yesterday I was a teenager (lol though I don't wish I was and it's been many years since) time sure does go faster when we're getting older, you're right.

      I love that we can visit with our family so often.