Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's Finter?

Fall + Winter = Finter...

OK, so that is a little lame. But, what else should we call this transitional time of year when it's the last few weeks of Fall but it sure feels like Winter? It's the time of year we know that any morning we could wake up with snow on the ground despite what our well intending weather people might tell us the night before. Our cars frost over just about every night, making them sparkle in the street lights. It brings to mind scenes of toasty fires, hot chocolate, and children snuggled up warmly with Mom in a chair listening to The Night Before Christmas

The reality is that even if there is only a flake or two of snow on the ground the children wake up ready to rush outside and build snowmen. There's wet boots, coats, gloves, scarves, etc etc ad nausium. Red runny noses with rosy cheeks and blue lips who protest that they're not cold. Well wishing mothers who know that their children would love for them to join them in the fun, but they'd rather stay inside with the heat blowing on their already numb toes.

"Milk Pods" Nov. 5th

"Milk Pods" Nov. 20th
A few weeks ago the farmer's fields were still standing tall and everywhere you looked was green. It seemed like it took only days for the leaves to go from green, to golden, to a brown crinkly mess under our feet. The future of the next few weeks is mainly a brown, wet, drab landscape to look out upon or be a part of. Which will, in turn, give way to a few days of crisp white wonderland before foot traffic and cars turn it to gray dirty slush. A northern winter is pictured in almost every book that deals with winter, those who've never experienced one will tell you that it sounds like a beautiful thing. Those who have moved away from them will remember the snow with fondness, and when they visit they will be so happy to go back to warmer climates. As for those of us who are here we know that snow and winter are wonderful things, if they only lasted a couple of weeks we'd be all for it. The reality of constantly shoveling snow, drivers suddenly forgetting how to drive, and high heating bills have us all dreaming of spring just about as soon as Christmas passes.

Those same trees in Sept.
Trees 2 weeks ago

Trees now...
I still intend to take my children out as much as I can during the next few weeks. And, yes, even into winter itself. I've asked Santa to bring us all warm underthings so that we can continue to go out of doors even when our world is white (or dirty gray slush as the case may be). I've a week or two before it gets too chill for me to want to deal with the out of doors without many more layers. Which will leave me with another couple of weeks before Santa comes down that chimney and (hopefully) brings me warm snugglies.

Snow ... cold white snow ...
on trees
Making snow angels
March 2013

Bundled up and
wishing for spring
We did end up getting in a few hours this week of outdoor time. Which surprises me because we've had rain, wind, and dropping temperatures for the last half of the week. I woke up to Peanut running into my room, announcing at the top of her little lungs, "It's snowing, Mommy and Dada! Can we go out and play?!?!?!" My dear husband peaked out the window and confirmed that it was indeed snowing. Poor Peanut, however, because Mommy shook her head said, "It's too early..." and dived back under the covers head first. Winter is NOT my favorite season. I do NOT like cold and snow. Yet, Peanut has been dreaming of snow angles and snowmen since Easter. 

I know that soon we'll all be trudging out of doors, bundled from head to toe, to build wonderful snow creations. To make those snow angles. We'll get white washed, have snow ball fights, and generally have fun. We'll also come back inside to large quantities of hot chocolate, dry robes, and slippers. 

Outdoor time total for this week: 5.75 hours
Total, year to date, outdoor time: 136.25 hours

For information about the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge (of which I take part), how to go out in nearly all weather, and support for us Winter dreaders ... please check out 1000 Hours Outside. I cannot say enough about all of the wonderful ladies there who are willing to inspire us daily to get outside with our kids.

Over the next week or so there will be a couple of things that will only be shared (here) on our Facebook page. So, if you haven't already, come on by and check us out. 

**Confession: This post was written inside my nice warm house, with hot coffee at my elbow, slippers on my feet, and a wince on my face every time that cold wind blew past my window.**


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    1. :-) I saw this just after I posted how we're doing in the comments! It's still cold out!