Friday, November 1, 2013

Treats and Tiredness - Weekly Wrap-Up

Even though I am writing this on Thursday night after trick-or-treating in the rain I'll be posting this Monday morning and linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for their Weekly Wrap-Up.

This week there was no catechism class scheduled, so the only class we had outside of the house was swim. One of the campers (YCJ) learned how to swim this week!! Of course it was the time I forgot to bring my camera. But, there is two classes left to this session. We had a "quick" and "easy" school week because I knew that for the 31st all I wanted was for them to do a few worksheets and some arts and crafts before trick-or-treating (I learned from last year trying to teach anything new on Halloween was too much hair pulling and tears ... mine not theirs). They did have their full lessons Mon.-Wed. but we've pretty much got those down pat so that we're not doing book work for more than maybe three hours a day at the most. 

We changed Elder Cracker Jack's location this week because he has been having difficulty finishing his work. So, he's been moved back to his desk in his room for the time being. This might last two weeks or two months, it's totally up to him at this point. When he feels he can do work elsewhere we'll try it back out and see. We had to "close down" the art center in the sun room and will be doing very little school work outside because the weather has cooled considerably in the last couple of weeks and book work when it's under 60 degrees just doesn't work well. We'll still be spending time outside, but outside in motion is a lot different than outside and sitting still. The girls did most of their school work in Peanut's room this week (nope it's still not clean lol). YCJ really didn't like this set up too much, it actually stressed her out because of the mess ... but, not enough to clean the mess. 

 Other than our lessons (you know, the ones I write down in the curriculum planner?) we did a lot of home-ec this week. With each kiddo getting involved in the kitchen at some point each day all week long. Elder Cracker Jack spent about three hours early this week taking apart an old (non working) riding mower while his Dad kept a good eye on him. It's been a fun and exciting week just being a family.
 On Halloween each camper had three worksheets to complete; two for English and one of Math. We made leaf rubbings afterwards. This was Peanut's first year making any type of leaf rubbing. All three kiddos really enjoyed it.

Everyone goofed around after trick-or-treating. They made masks and ate a couple pieces of candy. We made the last of the Halloween sugar cookies and ate homemade chicken noodle soup (started on the stove and finished in the crock pot). It was a good ending to a chilly, rainy, Halloween night. YCJ was amazed at how much her hair curled in such a short amount of time. The girls are now bunked together in Peanut's room (not asleep yet) having a "sleep-over". They had shared a room since Peanut's birth five years ago and Peanut misses sleeping with her sister. They have a movie going and have eaten popcorn and are now snacking on pumpkin seeds. Sooner or later I'm sure Peanut will either want her sister out of her room or YCJ will sneak out after Peanut goes to sleep, but for now it brings back happy memories of a time that ended only about three months ago.

Tip of the week get hands on if it helps the kiddos learn! I shared my button solution with a lot of people this week and you can check it out here.

Tomorrow we have a scheduled day off. We may stop at a firehouse but more than likely we will postpone that until I can make an appointment. We'll have the rare treat of eating out twice this month (Nov.) thanks to Book It! and some Big Boy's coupons the kiddos either earned or got trick or treating. The weekend will be spent running the typical "beginning of the month" errands and visiting family briefly.

I hope your week went well and you have an enjoyable weekend!

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  1. I hear you on being tired after Trick-or-treating. We also went trick-or-treating out in the rain. What fun. It's funny how resilient kids are when they are having fun in the rain - but try to get them out to go to the store while it is raining. Humpf. You would think you were asking them to donate an arm.

    It sounds like a great homeschool week. It's nice to know another homeschooler (besides us) do worksheets. It seems that I know SO MANY unschoolers. Haha! it's not that Unschooling is bad, but we can't relate when I have worksheet stuff.


    We also took the day off yesterday (I was actually on schedule with my daughters Math - until yesterday) but it was a much needed break!

    I hope you guys have a terrific weekend and great start to the school week next week.

    1. I am still a bit tired since the husband and I found a good series on Netflix last night which is new to us and so we stayed up pretty darn late. I'm also glad to know that another homeschooler does worksheets. Many of ours I find online but we also use workbooks. We also don't relate too much to straight unschoolers ... I just don't know how to teach English and Math that way at all.

      I can understand about trying to get them to go anywhere we need them to go on a rainy day ... you'd think it was the end of the world. Let it be something they want though and they're out the door first!

      Here's hoping your weekend is going well.

  2. Visiting from the Homeschool Blog awards. Congratulations on being nominated. My eldest son turn 12 in Jan and is also in grade six. He is also ADD but we do have him medicated. I would love to wean him off but every time we have tried has been a disaster.

    1. I'm a nominee?!?!?! Oh my goodness! I didn't even know! What category do you know? Wow! ... OK deep breath. lol thanks for stopping by. I did a post a little while back on giving ADHD/ADD children coping skills that work with or without medication (only you know what works for your child after all)