Monday, November 4, 2013

Menu Plan - first week of November

Well, after having a disgusting problem with some packaged food (more in a second) we have decided to stick with the menu plans and NOT to forget anything at the store that we might need.

We're linking up again this week to Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

We'd planned on having some BBQ fish and veggie packets yesterday. Instead because I'd forgotten to take the fish out AND forgotten to buy the tin foil we ended up heating some pre-made Salisbury steak and some cheesy rice that you just buy and heat up at the store. We've had these items before and everyone seems to like them. It's cheap, it's easy, and it's fast. Last night however they were NASTY. The company had changed the recipe's. The meat was chewy and had a funny flavor, the gravy was greasy, and the cheesy rice wasn't much better. We ended up eating McDonald's (groan) instead because no one was willing to eat what had been "cooked".

Sooo, I sat down and wrote out a menu plan that I can't possibly forget anything on it (especially since I bought the tin foil today). 

Sunday - BBQ fish and veggie packets/Salisbury steak and cheesy rice/ McDonald's
Monday - homemade nachos with ground turkey
Tuesday - BBQ fish and veggie packets
Wednesday - "something" beef night
Thursday - tuna noodle casserole 
Friday - homemade perogies 
Saturday - Left over buffet

And because we still have about ten pounds of tomatoes we'll be eating tomatoes with everything again this week.

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