Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Outside Time This Week

We spent a lot more time outside this week than we did last week now that most of us are feeling better. ECJ spent several hours working on taking apart that non-working riding mower (so proud of him), the kiddos all played outside this week for hours on end (when it wasn't raining), and then we spent an hour or so trick-or-treating in the rain. It being Saturday I'll just say that we did a lot of running today and it was rainy off and on, I didn't want the sniffles in the house so they visited with Grandma and Papa for a few hours before we finished our running.

Below are just a few random pictures from out outside time this week. I didn't take a great many of them outside this week because I was not out as much as they were. 

Weekly Total: 15.5
Year to Date Total: 106 hours outside so far! (I have 11 months left to get to the target of 1000 hours outside)

and just because I couldn't resist I decided to add pictures here of the last couple of Halloween's...
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2011
ECJ with a fellow Cub Scout

Halloween 2011

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