Monday, October 14, 2013

Meeting the Campers

There are a good amount of people and animals in our little family and I've been getting several questions lately about just who each of us are. So for the next seven weeks I'll be doing a post each Monday on either one of the human members of the family or our pets (most of the pets will be lumped together in one post).

So, week one of meeting the campers you get to meet Daddy and Moragon!
Why am I starting with them? Well, Daddy is the head of our family and during school-time he's the Principal who makes sure the children don't give the teacher a hard time. He doesn't like getting his picture taken too often and even then he doesn't like them shared in too many places. He's a rather private kind of guy.

Some of you have noticed that I've referred to his helper dog a few times and she's pictured often with the children while they're getting the wiggles out. Moragon is an English Mastiff who is just barely over two years old. She's been trained from almost the day we brought her home to help Daddy with anything he might need. If he has a seizure she will sit by him and bark until someone comes to help. If he cannot get back up after getting down then she will help him to stand up. She's been known to bring him his inhaler (although unless it's in a baggy you wouldn't want to put it in your mouth ... she drools) and bark at his breathing machine when it's time for a treatment. She helps Daddy work on the car, because once he's down he needs help back up. She's helped him when he's slipped in the shower. She even wakes us up if we don't hear Peanut call to us in the middle of the night, a 14 pound head hitting the bottom of your foot while you sleep WILL wake you up.

Daddy first got sick when Peanut was only six months old and for the first four years of her life after that Daddy spent a lot of time at doctors and hospitals. he went from being a man who drove a big rig and would work for months straight to be able to spend a week at home with us, to not being able to do much more than lay in bed. Now, he's feeling a bit better. He's able to do home improvement jobs around the house for a few hours at a time with several breaks and then he must stop even if he's in the middle of something. He can do some vehicle maintenance but again it takes him around four times as long as it used to before he became ill. He no longer has seizures daily but he does have them occasionally when he has been doing too much. If the weather is too hot or too cold he cannot do anything outside because his lungs cannot handle it, and so I will most often comment on things he has done during the spring and fall months. His right knee cap actually sits above where his knee is supposed to be (it's really yucky looking) and so his knee will give out with no warning, he really needs it replaced but our insurance calls it an elective surgery until the last tendon snaps.

Daddy is a wonderful man who even though he has so many health issues finds the will and the courage to push through each day and be with us. He rarely sleeps through the night and is always in pain ... yet he seldomly complains. Moragon goes with him most everywhere unless there's a possible risk at the location to her. The only place he won't take her yet is to church and he's already spoken to Father about bringing her to mass if it becomes necessary. He has a cane but doesn't like using it unless he absolutely has to.

Moragon and Daddy are like one person right now. Where he is she usually can be found and vice versa. Yet, when Daddy doesn't need Moragon she is as goofy as the next dog can be. She's our gentle giant, Daddy's right hand, and our little love. Without her Daddy wouldn't be able to do as much as he does and without her our lives would no longer be complete.

I than God each day for both Daddy and Moragon. It is because of Moragon that we are able to camp and travel which started out as just Daddy's favorite pass time and has blossomed into our family's favorite thing to do. 

Next week you can expect to hear a bit about me (already dreading the pictures the children will insist on taking all week long).

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