Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review - Fundamentals of Homeschooling

Last month we took a trip to our local library and of course it's not just the kiddos that check out new books. I got a few myself with a decent mix of fiction and non-fiction (I seem to be on a non-fiction kick at the moment) choices. What's the best part of bringing home "new" books from the library? You're excited and ready to dive in to the author's world.

One of the choices that I am very happy I made was a non-fiction work titled: Fundamentals of Homeschooling Notes on Successful Family Living written by: Ann Lahrson-Fisher. 

This is an absolutely wonderful book that I think would be great on any parents book shelf not just those of us who homeschool. The book is broken up into six parts with the first four parts concentrating on childhood (and into teen years) and how to teach through play, how to get along as a family, and many many other wonderful topics. The whole first section is entirely about play, as a matter of fact that is part one's title. The information provided in the first four parts alone would make an excellent book and would be a wonderful gift for any parent who enjoys books that will give them greater insights on how to raise their children not just with the parent/child relationship but with a friendly relationship as well.

Ms. Lahrson-Fisher is an engaging author who never took an authoritarian "voice" throughout the entire book. She points out many different ways of handling things and gives examples of how to teach through play, have meaningful conversations, and much more. She does not do the work for you, but guides you instead.

While all sections of this book can be quickly identifiable as homeschooling information, sections five and six are really clearly geared towards homeschooling. However, many of the topics in section five could be used by ANY parent of a teenager no matter how their child is being schooled. Section six concentrates on individual subjects such as writing, language, math, etc. And even if this were only a booklet containing the appendixes this would go on my personal book shelf.

Fundamentals of Homeschooling can be purchased at (check out the link) for very reasonable prices. It's now been added to my holiday wish list for my bookshelf. I have to take this copy back to the library tomorrow when I go and I shall miss it, I wonder if it will be under my tree Christmas morning?

** I was not compensated in any way by the author or publisher of this book. Nor was I compensated for this review by This is my honest to goodness view on this book and even if I had been compensated that view would not have changed. **
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