Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet the Campers - Nature Loving Girl

This week's edition of Meet the Campers is all about Younger Cracker Jack!!

YCJ is my nature child. If you let her free to be outside she'll built, explore, and love on just about everything. The exception? BUGS! She'll look at ants or other bugs doing what they do and find it very interesting, but let one touch her (or LOOK like it's going to touch her) and it's over. She completely freaks out.
She's very intense when it comes to learning a new skill or piece of knowledge. Let alone when she's being artistic ... turn your head for one moment and this girl is creating something. It doesn't matter what she's making just that she is making something. Paper dolls, crochet items, friendship bracelets, painting, drawing, etc... the list goes on and on.

She doesn't like "orange ick"
 She is a fun goofy girl who can make even things she doesn't really want to do into a fun time. Spelling becomes silly singing lessons, messy craft projects (not her favorite) become story telling times, and moments in between activities are times for her to entertain her baby sister. She does all these things on her own even if she doesn't realize it (she often complains about having to entertain her sister, but most of the time she takes it upon herself to do this). 

 This wonderful girl doesn't care about her appearances or who knows that she's taking a day off from being busy. If she needs a "relax" day she'll plop herself down and ask Daddy to watch TV with her, or retreat to her room to read and crochet, I've even found her in the tub just soaking in a bubble bath. Did I mention that she's only 8? She's my fun in the sun girl and hibernate in the cold. The only season that she doesn't really like is winter ... it doesn't stop her from enjoying the snow she just doesn't enjoy it as much as she does leaves, flowers, gardens, woods, and the beach. And it's a little ironic because her favorite animal just happens to be penguins ... which live in some very cold places.

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