Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We've finished our Fall Bucket List!!!

I'm very happy to announce that we have finished our Fall Bucket List! Yup, every single item on it (some in creative ways we weren't planning on). 

building an exhibit
the penguin house
Today we checked off the last item, which just so happened to be the first item on the list. Visit the Detroit Zoo. We had originally intended to go to the real Detroit Zoo, but finances and household repairs and updates not to mention the weather turning cold before we got around it it kind of got in the way. So, a few weeks ago while I was talking to Mamma J from Learning Life with 3 Sons she gave me the idea to make our own "zoo" and to think outside of the box. I mentioned it to Elder Cracker Jack and he orchastrated the whole thing today. 
monkey house
polar exhibit

giant panda exhibit
bengal tiger exhibit

giant "lion" checking things out

Everyone made an exhibit or two and told me when they were ready. Then I got to go on a tour of the zoo! A guided tour through my children's imagination beat walking around a really cold zoo today, let me tell you! Moragon became really curious about what was going on and had to check things out as well. Our resident penguin expert will get her way however, and we'll be visiting the real Detroit Zoo several times throughout the spring, summer, and fall of next year.

Number two and number three on the list was to pick apples at an apple orchard and to visit a cider mill. We ended up visiting two separate places for this though we could have actually only done one.

Number four was to make leaf rubbings ...

Five and six were to go to a pumpkin patch and to carve jack-o-lanterns.

We've jumped in leaf piles (#7)

... and made pumpkin seeds (#8)

Learned to swim!!! (#9)

Visited the fire department and done safe Halloween events! (#'s 10 and 11)

Visited the library and volunteered in the community... (#'s 12 and 13)

planted a winter garden (even though it was inside and not exactly "planted"! #14)

We painted at least one kids room for number 15. And did a wonderful job of it if I do say so myself.

We spent an afternoon learning how to make caramel filled apples for number 16. Not to mention making bird feeders (# 17) that same afternoon.

We made "watercolor" leaves that still hang in our window as homemade sun catchers for number 18.

The campers made a TON of banana pudding while learning how to make it, and then making more for the holidays for number 19.

AND, last but certainly not least, we learned the rosary! Nope, we never expected Peanut to learn it all but she's doing really well and the rest of us have got it down now.

That is all 20 items from our Fall Bucket List! As you can see we had to get creative with a few of the items but we had fun doing all of it. We'll be doing another bucket list for winter but I haven't even thought of the first thing to go on the list yet. 

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