Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Is On Our Fall Bucket List

Our actual items on our Autumn Bucket List are:

1. Visit the Detroit Zoo
2. Pick apples at an apple orchard
3. Visit a cider mill
4. Make leaf rubbings
5. Go to a pumpkin patch
6. Carve jack-o-lanterns
7. Jump in leaf piles
8. Make pumpkin seeds
9. Learn to swim 
10. Visit the fire department
11. Do a "safe" Halloween event
12. Visit the library
13. Volunteer in the community
14. Plant a "winter garden"
15. Paint at least one kid's bedroom
16. Learn how to make caramel filled apples
17. Make bird feeders
18. Make watercolor leaves
19. Teach kids to make banana pudding
20. Whole family learn the rosary

A few of these are harder for us than they sound ... like the library will be EXTREMELY happy when I pay our late fees and the fact that I've wanted to make those bird feeders for a few weeks now. We're gearing up for a couple others already ... we talked about each prayer on the rosary this morning and said it all together (Daddy leading and Peanut wandering off) and tomorrow evening the children will be officially enrolled in their swim classes which start on Oct. 2nd.

I'll be posting more here on the blog as we do each activity and get them checked off. Also you can follow us on our Facebook page at: Homeschool Camper
I will also be sharing as we go at another Facebook page: Learning Life with 3 Sons

**(Yay! I finally remembered how to change links into regular words! Mommy doing a happy dance lol!)**

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