Saturday, December 7, 2013

Outside and Picking a Tree

We had wonderful times outside this week with the children. The air was chill but there was no rain other than on Tuesday evening, after it had already gotten dark outside. 

Our longest period of time spent outside this week (2.25 hours) was on Wednesday when we went to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree for this year. It wasn't too bad until the hay ride back from picking out our tree when the sun was setting and the temperature dropped quickly.
 We waited for our hayride to arrive to take us out to pick out our tree and though there's a smile or two there due to excitement these campers were pretty chilled. We took them inside for a bathroom break and snapped this cute picture of the girls.

There was a ton of excitement riding out on that hayride to the place where you pick out your tree and cut it down. ECJ doesn't look too thrilled in that picture, but only because he doesn't really care for the cold weather. There was no way we could keep Peanut and YCJ completely seated, they started kneeling and looking over the side of the wagon as we got closer to the trees.

After about a five minute ride we were dropped off next to the Scotch Pines, we like them because they're nice and round and "fluffy". The Cracker Jacks pulled the "tree wagon" down the path as Daddy and Peanut began the search for just the right tree. We quickly all joined in. This one wasn't "fluffy" enough, that one was too tall, this other one was too short ... The search went on.

Eventually we found the "perfect" tree (it's the one that's on the left side of the photo, Peanut's standing next to one that was barely her height). Daddy cut it down and put it on the "tree wagon". While we were waiting for the hayride to come by and pick us up to take us back to the main building Peanut asked to hold the saw in front of the tree. Yup, it's upside down but that's OK.

 After trimming the bottom branches off of the tree, and a bunch off the bottom because the trunk was bent the tree looked like this (two stands later because the first one broke):

At first all of us giggled. Then, when we began decorating it later we all noticed that it was a lot easier for the children to help decorate the tree. Plus, if it hadn't been shortened it would have looked sparse with our remaining Christmas ornaments on it. (Some of our ornaments haven't survived our moves.)

Frosty likes climbing our star...
Now, it's all decorated and looks fabulous!

We rounded the week out with a lot of yard play and a nature walk. Peanut even made a new friend with the girl on the street behind us on Monday.

All in all we had 7.25 hours outside time this week. Making our yearly total 149.25 hours! I'm sure glad we have camping planned a lot for the warmer months because at this winter type weather seems to keep us inside a bit more. I doubt we'll reach our 18-20 hours a week goal most of the winter.

If you haven't gone over there already, or if you're new to reading this and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about for outside goals, please go check out 1000 Hours Outside.

And of course, you should check us out on Facebook where I've been sharing a bunch of cute pictures and a video or two of the campers.

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