Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What We're Doing the Week of Christmas

Well, although I haven't made the announcement on our Facebook page yet ... I have promised to take next week from the 22nd until the 28th completely off from the blog. I'm doing this to spend some one on one time with each of them, enjoying them for who they are. So, today for List It {Tuesday} I've decided to list some of the fun things that we're planning on doing next week!

All together:
Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve (this is something we do every year).
Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve day (a tradition started last year).
Visiting Grandma's house on Christmas to spend the day with most of the extended family!
Dropping off a lasagna at Noni's work for all the wonderful nurses on duty Christmas night in the ICU.

Peanut when she was 3!

With Peanut:
I plan on making a lot of play dough projects with Peanut next week! She absolutely loves play dough and it helps strengthen her hands. I haven't done a lot of this with her lately and I am looking forward to it.
Reading to Peanut every night. Lately this has fallen by the wayside and we both really enjoy our bedtime stories (so much so that Mommy usually falls asleep with Peanut after them).

With Younger Cracker Jack:
We're going to do a lot of crafting together next week! It's one of the things that she and I share and we both love spending time doing it together.
Setting aside an hour each day to read with her, even though she's "discovered" that she can read she still likes when Mommy reads to her (and I enjoy it too).
Painting each others nails.

With Elder Cracker Jack:
He's had a robot kit for a year now and I think we'll sit down and build it together.
Making a dinner together that he'll soon be able to make himself without help! He wants to get it "just right" before trying it on his own.

With Daddy:
Daddy and I are going to spend several evenings catching up on some shows that we normally don't get to watch. It's been tempting to watch them separately on Netflix but we're holding out until we can watch them together.

Just me and the campers:
If the snow holds out we're making a whole snowman family! If there's not enough for that the campers have informed me that they need a fort. Either way I'm sure I'll be chilly for hours afterwards but it'll be worth it!

Just me:
OK, so I had to sneak in just one thing just for me. Noni has purchased, and is giving me later this week, an expansion pack to one of my favorite computer games. I've wanted it for several months now but there was always something else to spend the money on. I'll be spending a few hours after the children go to bed to play it and relax. The game itself is one of my favorite things to do to relax and I'm excited to be able to play a new bit of it.

Wow! That's 14 separate things and I hadn't even realized it! I know it sounds like a lot, but compared to how much we usually do when we're concentrating on school this isn't much. There are many things like the story times that will continue after next week, but I'm making sure that we get them done next week and not forgotten. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life we forget the little things like painting our 8 year old's finger nails.

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