Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Winter Bucket List

We had so much fun doing our Fall Bucket List that we've decided (for sure) that we'll be doing a Winter Bucket List! Here's the list of what we've decided to do:

  1. Walk on a lake (frozen)
  2. Build a snowman family
  3. Build an igloo 
  4. Fully remodel one child's room
  5. Partially remodel last child's room (will need to wait for warm weather to replace an old window)
  6. Grow crystals
  7. Say the rosary each day (either as a family or separately)
  8. Begin seeds indoors for outdoor garden
  9. Make "easy" sock snowmen
  10. Complete one craft (or for Daddy a project) each
  11. Read a book a month as a family
  12. Make a chalk pastel snow scene
  13. Children cook "day"
  14. Make sun catchers out of beads
  15. Find animal tracks in the snow
  16. Be someones secret valentine (outside of the family)
  17. Build Leprechaun traps
  18. Make "fire starters"
  19. Build a robot
  20. Make a bird feeder for the outdoor birds
  21. Make our evil twins
  22. Begin our "good things happen" jar
  23. Make a snow angel "snow flake"
  24. Invent our own board game
  25. Mailbox Mondays

So, the goal here is that we're going to have every item on this list crossed off by Wednesday, March 19. Why? Well, the first day of spring is the 20th of March. I'll be keeping you updated on how we are doing and posting pictures along the way! Some of these will only take a few minutes to do and others will take weeks or even months. Some weeks we may do a lot and some weeks we may get none of these things done. Either way we'll have fun doing it!

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