Sunday, February 9, 2014

Organization = Simplified Life

I was looking through my posts from the past several weeks and was dismayed to discover that I haven't kept up with my posts on how I plan on simplifying my life. So, let's fix that little situation now shall we?

The last time I posted about it (here ) I'd said that I was going to do a bunch of small organizing projects around the house. I did manage some of them...

My desk before...
The desk after...

My new desk, which is completely organized!

Play Dough supplies before....
Play Dough supplies after.

Stereo are before...
Stereo area now...

Morning binder storage before...
Morning binder area now.

But, the crafting supplies still look like this ;-)
Daddy even got into the organizing mood and cleaned and organized our laundry area!!

And while I have nothing to report on the weight loss project of mine for pounds lost, there is also nothing to report for weight gained. So, I'm looking on the brighter side of that and giving myself some slack until the weather warms up some. I've also, through much prayer and talk with Daddy and a few friends, decided to keep track of the pounds lost but not look at the numbers too often. As long as I can get to where I feel healthier again that's all that matters.

I'll be spending some time cleaning out the old broken toys of the campers and getting their rooms to where I can even find things over the next few weeks. And tackling all of the dressers in the house once more. I'll post some embarrassing (for me) before and nice after pictures in about two weeks.

I'm also working on returning to my old (we're talking before I was even pregnant with Peanut old) cleaning schedule. The one I downloaded the pages to be able to check things off as I go is working, however it's much simpler for me to just reinstate my prior cleaning schedule that I'd stuck to for many many years.

I hope that any efforts you're making towards simplifying your lives are going well and that by the end of the year none of us will feel as stressed as we did in 2013 (if y'all felt stressed as I did).

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    1. Thank you! I keep looking around the house at all the little baby steps (I've kept those areas organized for a few weeks which is amazing to me) and feel a sense of accomplishment already. I hope that by the end of the year by looking back through these posts I'll be able to see just how far I've come!