Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Organization Please!

Looking around my home during the past week I've noticed that my wonderfully organized areas from earlier this year have just fallen to pieces. So, it's time to reorganize these spaces!!

In an effort to simplify my life I've been taking stock of things about myself and my home that can be made more simple, easier to deal with, more relaxing, etc. These few small areas will be the first of many things in the home to be reorganized, pared back, and cleaned up. After this I plan on going through mine and the children's (especially the girls) clothing and donating what we no longer need or want.

This is my desk *sigh*. It was beautifully organized at the beginning of the school year. It's slowly gained a life of it's own over the months. And though I have cleaned it up and reorganized it several times it keeps coming back to this. Sometime this week it will be cleaned and organized into a place where I can quickly find what I need, where coffee isn't spilled with a bump of the elbow, and where it's far more relaxing to work at.

This oh so large box, it takes up the entire top of one of the children's school desks, is filled with the Play Dough products that we use almost every single day for Peanut's hand strengthening work. Most of this was given to her at Christmas. In a quick attempt to keep it organized it was placed in this box. Then this box was set on top of the desk and simply has remained there. Sometime this week these items will make it into the entertainment center that doubles as a school cupboard and our board games will be relocated from their current spot (behind closed doors in same entertainment center) to a place in my bedroom. This will keep all of the Play Dough products together, behind a closed door, and close at hand to the area where we use them.

This odd mixture of items that I don't even know what exactly they all are will find homes this week. This shelf in our actual entertainment center will once again be clear other than my wedding photo album. Somehow over the month of December, since this was clear in November, this became a catch all for just about everything everywhere in the house. That shopping bag contains more Play Dough, that blue yarn is a crochet project of YCJ, there's a cat brush there, and a bunch of other odds and ends that I'm sure have better homes elsewhere in my house.

While the left side of this shelf stays clutter free due to our morning binders the right side, as you can tell, gets stacked with miscellaneous papers and books from not only the children but myself as well. It should take all of five minutes to fix this little rats nest. I've been meaning to do it but have always found something else that needed my attention. So, this too will be tackled this week in one of those few minute moments that pop up from time to time.

And this oh so lovely cupboard full of the odds and ends that are used to make art in this house. It was once easy to tell what we had and where it was in this cupboard. Now, as you can see, not so much. Another project that will take only minutes but has been neglected because I can simply shut the door on it and forget about it until the next time we open that door. I love having all this "stuff" for the children to get creative with, just not in the exact way it's shown here. How can you find anything when it's all just pretty much shoved on top of each other? And is that my fabric monthly calender I see wadded up on the right hand side of there? Yup. 


As you can tell none of these projects will take very long. And, yet, somehow each one of these projects keeps getting overlooked. This time next week I will post pictures of all of these things completely organized and clean. Along with, most likely, pictures of other things I need to organize in my home. Wish me luck! 

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