Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things Are Different Now

I struggled with what to write about this week for List It {Tuesday}, hosted by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers . Not because I had nothing I could write about, but because I have so much to write about. I've seen two beautiful posts today on the link up talking about the spring weather without copying each other. I'd thought perhaps I could do something similar without making myself a copycat, and at the same time it would be different.

So, here's my list of how this February differs from last February.

February 17, 2013. Paducah, KY

One of the biggest differences is that we're in Michigan this year while we were in Kentucky last year! Of course last winter was milder than this winter all over the place. However, last February I took this picture:

This February looks like this:
February 18, 2014. Marine City, MI

View out our side doorwall Feb. 2014
View of our campground Feb. 2013
Last February we were full time campers, spending our time relaxing for the most part. A daily walk happened even during the few weeks of the temperatures being in the 30's. This year, we're recreational campers and spend most of our time doing things for others. Daily walks don't happen much when it's below freezing.
This February we have a main lesson area that is used mostly for lessons (especially for the girls). Last February we had a table in the camper we put up in the day and took up at night that was used for lessons, eating, and pretty much everything else. And as you can plainly see from the pictures we have much more room now.
Daddy and I now sleep in a fully supported, frame constructed by him, queen sized bed. As opposed to the somewhat tipsy (at times) full sized camper bed we occupied a year ago. Much more room, until the dogs jump in that is. We miss our Tasia dog every day, she was a good girl and lived a very long and loved life. It is one of the things I dearly miss from last year.

There are so many other differences. Some the biggest blessings in the world and some we're grateful for even though they didn't seem a blessing at first.

  • Last year at this time Daddy was still going through treatments to get better. Now he's been in remission for nearly a year.
  • Last year only one of the little campers needed glasses, this year they're all wearing them.
  • This year YCJ has "discovered" how to read, last year she struggled with even tiny words.
  • This year visiting the nearest members of our family takes an hour drive, last year to visit the same family members was a 10 hour car trip.
I'm ready for the weather to warm up. I'm ready for spring and the temperatures that we enjoyed this time last year in Kentucky. I'm ready for our daily walks and the children to play outside for hours. Flowers coming up out of the ground and leaves growing on the trees. Heck, the buzzing of bees (so long as they choose not to sting me and cause me a trip to the hospital) would be a welcome sound right now. 

While I wait, along with the rest of you, for the weather to warm back up again and life to thaw out I think I'll get myself another hot cup of coffee and read my children a bedtime story. 

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