Monday, February 17, 2014

We Did Something!

We've taken a rather laid back approach to our Winter Bucket List lately. Probably because of the February blues. Spring seems like it will never come and the skies are often cloudy or full of snow. We have managed to get something done and work on some other things in the past two weeks however.

We haven't checked off too many new items in the last two weeks mainly because the first of those weeks was super busy and the second of those two weeks Murphy's Law hit us (check out the whole week here ). We did manage to complete our secret valentines (#16). We just made some homemade cards and placed them at neighbor's doors without being seen. It made the children so very happy to do this. (I did find out that our neighbor's figured out who they were from.)

We're working through the book Little House in the Big Woods this month for our family read aloud. So far everyone seems to be enjoying it, even ECJ. Last month we simply ended up repeatedly reading Green Eggs and Ham to one another. It was a super big hit all around and everyone, except Peanut, took turns reading it aloud. Peanut nearly had it memorized by the end of the month!

Getting some of these items checked off leaves eleven more that we'll be able to check off more than likely by the end of winter. We probably won't be able to remodel either of the last two children's rooms before spring, but I'm leaving them on the list for now just in case. Some of the projects that are still left don't require any prep so we'll be able to get them checked off sometime in the next week or two. 

Of course we're all still saying our rosary daily. Currently Peanut likes saying it with YCJ best, though sometimes she wants to say some of it with me. She's even beginning to learn a few of the prayers. Our individual projects/crafts are coming along just great as well, some of us may be finished in the next week even! Daddy already checked his project off of the to do list and is quite happy with it. 

We're happily gathering materials for our outside bird feeders (which we'll do early in March) and our homemade fire starters (which will again be done in early March). There are plans to grow some more crystals around here. When we'll actually get around to doing it I'm not very sure, but one of these days we'll check it off of the list. We still play with the crystals we grew the first time (they are indeed reusable, no false advertising). 

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