Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to Normal Menu

Oh, it was so relaxing not to feel like I had to stick to my menu plan last week. It seems like each and every week I make a plan and most weeks I stick to it but the weeks that I don't I always feel like I should have. Last week I was tired of planning, of cooking, and of feeling those "should haves". So, when I planned last week's menu here's what I shared:

Sunday - Pancakes and turkey bacon for supper (Daddy went to a Super Bowl thing and ate pizza with the guys.)
Monday - Eat out!! - we don't do this that often really and I'm planning on enjoying it! Thank you coupon fairy!
Tuesday - Lean Steak Tacos
Wednesday - Homemade potato and cheese perogies
Thursday - Spinach Spaghetti 
Friday - The neighbor is making us Beef Tips and noodles!!
Saturday - Soup and sandwiches

And here's what our menu actually looked like:

Sunday - Pancakes and turkey bacon (Daddy ate pizza with the guys)
Monday - Eat out! (we had pizza, poor Daddy lol)
Tuesday - Lean steak tacos
Wednesday - Soup and butter bread with a small side salad
Thursday - Turkey nachos
Friday - Mac and cheese (the blue box because it was on sale) for the kids, beef tips/noodles and potatoes on the side for Mommy and Daddy (the neighbor made us dinner)
Saturday - Homemade perogies ... this is a time consuming recipe to make and I was too tired during the week to make it. And when I say time consuming I mean that it takes me about 5 hours start to finish to make about 6 dozen perogies. 

While mixing the potato part of the perogies I did manage to burn out my mixers motor... Did you know that a regular mixing "blade" will fit into the end of an electric drill? I didn't either until Saturday! Might look a little redneck, but there "aint nothin" wrong with that. Now that I've relaxed a bit and my "I don't want to cook" attitude has passed I'm ready to plan, and stick, with another menu. Plus it's my monthly big grocery shopping trip this week so I get to plan around some ads! Which is honestly one of my favorite things to do (yes, I know I'm a dork). I tend to only do one large grocery shopping trip a month, if I go to the store after that it's only for milk, bread, and perhaps cheese (I'm still wondering who eats all the cheese around here) or eggs. Our grocery budget is tight tight tight every month, so if I don't watch my spending we end up having some really strange dinners!

Sunday - Pot pies (on sale)
Monday - Beef roast, turnip greens, and a greens and celery salad (everything on sale this week in the ad!)
Tuesday - Smoked turkey noodle soup
Wednesday - Homemade potato soup 
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner with turkey bacon (eggs on sale this week)
Friday - Surf and Turf for Valentines Day!!! I was able to get everything really steeply discounted so our "romantic" dinner (only it's for all five of us lol) cost me less than $10!!! 
Saturday - Soup, salad, and bread stick dinner

The greens and celery salad I invented one night while we were camping. If you shred the tops of the greens pretty small, add some diced celery, and I usually add some diced baby carrots it makes for a really flavorful salad! Of course I like almost all kinds of greens but we like using turnip greens for this salad best. And it works well with every dressing we've tried so far! If you watch at your local market you might even be able to buy a bundle of greens for as low as $.49! I just paid $.88 for two bundles of turnip greens.

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  1. Chrystal, did you ever notice the majority of your problems began when you broke your sacred covenant of marriage? Apparently you don't believe in God as much as you think/say you do or you would have followed what you promised to him. You did take a vow didn't you?