Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homeschool Away from Home - IHSW Day 2

Spirit Week is in full swing here at the Homeschool Camper house. It's day two of International Homeschool Spirit Week  and that means it was Homeschool Away from Home day! To be honest we did not spend the entire day out of the house and learning elsewhere today. The children had their regular day of schooling with all of their regular lessons right here at home (we just finished early because we started earlier than normal). This afternoon and evening we weren't home though. 

We went on a nature walk down the two track again, well ... the girls and I did their brother stayed at home to have "guy time" with Dad. And then it was a two mile walk one way down the main street of our little down town area and stopping at every waterfront park along the way. Of course the two mile walk back the opposite side of the street. Then the Cracker Jack's went to catechism at the church while I did a fast lesson with Peanut on a bench right next to the water about Mary and Jesus.

"Class" this morning.
Nature walk with the girls.

On the river facing Canada.

Freighter propeller!

Our Church.

Cracker Jacks getting ready to walk inside.

Peanut listening to a story about Mary as a little girl.

Coloring the picture from our lesson.
She had to find out how cold the water was.
Answer? COLD

Just too cute not to share.

Peanut trying to read the sign at the outdoor ampatheater while Mommy pays tries to get a good shot of the "big boat".
Needless to say we had a busy day and learned a lot about natural science around the home and a bit of the history of our small town.

Tomorrow is Crazy Hair day and I'll see you then!!!

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