Thursday, September 19, 2013

We can see!!!!

The call came from the vision center early Monday morning that the Cracker Jack's glasses had come in. We hadn't expected them so fast and so the kids became pretty excited. Everyone watched in fascination while the tech shaped the arms of the glasses to fit the children's ears better and the blinking look of shock on their faces when they looked around with them for the first time was a bit comical and heart melting at the same time.

I took these on Monday when they still weren't used to wearing glasses. These are both the first set for each of them. 

Younger Cracker Jack is much surprised by the fact that it's almost like wearing magnifying glasses on her face because the things she couldn't see in the distance are now closer and easier to see as long as she's wearing her glasses.

Elder Cracker Jack just likes the fact that he doesn't get so many headaches now when he reads... Although, he was slightly embarrassed by Mom coming into his Catechism class on Tuesday and (in front of everyone there who was quietly paying attention to the teacher) told him point blank "Get those back on your face ... they're new!" 

I believe I mentioned in a past post (but I may not have) that Peanut got her new glasses a little over a week before this and that for the first time ever she didn't choose pink. So, in the interest of not leaving her out (which she hates)...

Four days into wearing glasses I'm barely having to remind ECJ to put his on before reading or doing school work. YCJ still needs reminding to put hers on in the morning as she needs to wear hers most of the time. Of course Peanut still needs reminders not just to put them on but to take them off, even though she's worn glasses since she was two she's only just turned five and remembering is hard!

They're enjoying being able to see better now and finding it wonderful to be able to read without headaches and see what everyone else is seeing without having to squint. Daddy and I caught YCJ staring at us last night and finally figured out that it was the first time she'd seen us clearly at a distance in awhile.

I feel I should point out that each of the elder children had had several school vision screenings and vision screenings done at their regular doctor's appointments. I didn't know at the time that a screening wouldn't necessarily find every vision issue. I highly recommend that everyone take their child to an eye doctor for an exam at least every couple of years just to make sure that if there is a problem that it's caught early and addressed quickly.

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