Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall is Officially Here!!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!!! Yay!!! I know it's rather silly to be so excited about the change of seasons but Summer (even doing them in Michigan) can get too hot for us and Winter this year (because we'll be in Michigan) is going to be way too cold. I have always loved Spring and Fall. The temperatures are so much easier to deal with and the colors are always so pretty.

This past summer one of my best friends in the whole world did a summer bucket list. She's a bit of an over-achiever about a lot of things and her list was no exception as she chose around 101 things to complete in just one summer. The amazing thing is that she finished nearly all of them!!! You can check it out here:   and here: . The second link leads to where I believe she'd posted most of her summer bucket list.

So, with a glance out the window and a good friend to inspire me I decided that we should do a bucket list each season. I admit she and I had discussed both doing a Fall Bucket list but I'm not sure if she's going to do one this fall as she's SUPER busy. I found a downloadable sheet for each season and printed one out. We're keeping our list at twenty as I'm industrious but not as big as an overachiever as my friend ;-).

For some reason the picture came out sideways. We only have one religion goal on there and that's to have everyone in the family know the rosary by the end off Fall. We'll be visiting an apple orchard, a cider mill, and the Detroit Zoo as just a few of the things. The children will also be learning to swim. I hope you're ready for twenty or so show and tells from me because I'm bound to take a bunch of pictures and want to show them to everyone!

As I stood on our back porch and looked out over the farmer's field I noticed that the leaves are already starting to change. We'll probably start on our bucket list at the beginning of next month and try to get it all finished by the end of November.

What are your plans for Fall? Are you doing a bucket list? Would you like to share?


  1. A fall Bucket List sound like a blast!! Seems your doing one and your friend sounds like an awesome inspiration (lol) We'll do one too. 101 activities sound like a lot, we'll probably stick to 20 like you for the fall. Would you mind if I shared my family's list on your facebook page?

    1. LOL 101 would be waay too much for a season where schooling takes place full time. Of course you can share your family's list on my facebook page!