Thursday, September 12, 2013

High Definition - by ECJ

OK, I do not have my own google mail yet so I'm going to use my mom's because she asked me to tell you guys what I do about my high definition (that is what I call my ADHD) that she might have forgotten to tell you guys. Mom opened up her blog thing and I got to choose what color and writing thingy I wanted to use and she says she's not gonna fix what I get wrong!

Mom calls me ECJ on this thing so that's who I am I guess and I have ADHD ... BUT I am NOT my high definition!  Sometimes I can't think about one thing at a time and it's like having a lot of stations going on on the radio and tv at the same time. I want to sing and move and watch tv or play video games all at once and think about all of them. But I am just like every other kid.

Writing down what I need to do every day really helps me. I do what mom puts on the schedule and I mostly know that stuff but sometimes there is other stuff I wanna do too and I write that down on a paper like a list so I can check it off.

I asked mom and dad to only tell me to do one or two things at once because I don't always remember a list of things they aske me to do.

Lots of times I get told to turn my high definition down when I get a little crazy and in our house it's my cue to settle down and it always makes me smile cuz I called it high definition first.

I don't think its fair that my sisters can have two glasses of cool aid a day without asking but I always have to ask because it had dies in it and sometimes that can make me more hyper and theres sugar in it to.

And I don't like having my video games and tv times being short because to much makes me hyper and forget things but mom and dad are right to do it even if I don't always think thats fair either.

I guess really just listen to your kids cuz we're going to tell you what we need sometimes and if we're being crazy because we have too much video games or cool aid or whatever then you gotta do something about it even if we don't like it. And make lists and do the same things around the same times. I know my mom told you guys most of this.

OK . That's it then.

ECJ - who has high definition but is NOT high definition ;-)

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