Friday, September 20, 2013

Our productive week

This is the first week where we had no appointments or errands to interrupt our schedule. So it was pretty productive ... although everything I put down in the teacher planner didn't get finished it will over the weekend with no regrets (or at least very little).

We started the week off right and stayed on course this week. I am a little OCD and the last couple of weeks have driven me batty with the run-over lessons going on to the weekend or the end of the week push to "get everything done". Who said I had to do everything I had in my teachers lesson plans? No one but me and when I didn't manage to get it all done "in time" I'd stress a bit. 

Not this week. I woke up on time on Monday, we got started on time, and the day progressed perfectly for once! I even marked it on my calender because this NEVER happens ... EVER! 

ECJ learned how to take the molding off of a door jam and how to hang a new door from Dad, since he had hung on his old one until it was no longer functional. That was Tuesday during the day, right after we picked up the Cracker Jack's new glasses from the vision center right around the corner from us. Something I had feared would take forever took a lot less time than anticipated. ECJ is wearing his jacket there because we had the door wall open bringing in and taking out materials and the temperature of the great outdoors was pretty chilly (in the high 50's at the time the picture was taken). And Peanut had taken refuge under Mommy and Daddy's covers with her new LeapPad Ultra because of the chill.

There were no real major meltdowns over doing our book work this week which was completely shocking. YCJ of course had to give me a little bit of a hard time but if she didn't she would not be herself and I'd worry that she was ill. She also spent most of her time this week trying to avoid my camera ... and it didn't matter if it was pictures or videos.

We of course spent some of our time "getting the wiggles out". I have a few of these videos but this one seems to be the best one.

 We tried to compromise with Peanut who wanted to watch her Strawberry Shortcake and was tired of doing school today... yeah, the worksheet didn't get done. Though she will finish it this weekend along with a few others.
 ECJ absolutely loves his new mattress and was caught several times this week reading on it. This is great and since he's reading Little Women as his first Lit. book this year and I always caught him with the book in his hand I really didn't complain that he didn't get all of his lessons done. Although he too will be finishing his book work this weekend, again it's not a new thing that this has happened with him. It's just that this week I decided not to stress out over it since it was his decision not to apply himself today to finish all of his work.
YCJ's noun sentences ... not sure I like the language but it was entertaining at least.
YCJ also has a little work to do this weekend but it's all on the Internet and she considers most of it "fun" work. The only lessons she does online that she really doesn't like is her typing lessons ("Fingers on the home keys!" me ... "OK Mom." *sigh* her). The typing lessons really irritate her but I think it's very important that she learns how to do this as soon as possible because it's a skill that's used more and more in today's world and when she's just a bit older I'm betting that most things will be done on the computer.

So, yeah the kids have a few lessons to get done this weekend but nothing that would be considered major (except for possibly ECJ). And my OCD has poked it's ugly head out at me and jabbed an accusing finger at my lesson planner. However, I resolved myself to not being stressed over it. 

We'll spend a good part of our weekend having a Harry Potter movie marathon complete with popcorn and trying to relax. We'll also be giving most of the animals a bath this weekend.

How was your week?

**International Homeschool Spirit Week is next week!!! Is your family going to participate?  I'll be posting each day next week!

*I'm hoping to have our Fall Bucket List posted sometime tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness. Your house sounds like mine!!! I love the sentences! I was just blogging about writing dialog sentences and how my daughter needs some more creativity. Hope you get all done this weekend that you wanted and that next week is fabulous! I can't wait to see how you guys do Homeschool Spirit Week...not sure if we're going to do that or not;)

    1. Actually our weekend is going very well! All but ECJ are finished with all of their work and he bargained with Daddy to do his math tomorrow. I hope your weekend goes well and we are participating in Homeschool Spirit Week ... I am expecting to do a post each day! Hope to see some of yours if you participate ;-)

  2. I love your candidness! I have OCD issues too...which some have have morphed into procrastination and laziness this week. I don't know which is worse. I'm sure you got more done than what the kids would be getting at a traditional school...just keep that in mind when your OCD pops up! I'll have to check out that spirit week, sounds fun!

    1. Thank you! I told myself when I started this that I wouldn't "fluff" my posts. If we had a bad week I'd say so. If my OCD was driving everyone (including me nuts) I'd say that too. I took a deep breath and did remind myself of that earlier this week ... still sometimes it's hard for me not to "get it done right now"