Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Hero Day ... IHSW Day 5

It's the last day of International Homeschool Spirit Week   and that makes it Super Hero Day!

I had some grand ideas for today. Making capes and pin on super hero symbols for shirts. Doing "hero" poses for the camera. Writing pages about who our super hero's are.... And then the children got up and had much better ideas...

Here's our Super Pretty Pink Princess Peanut. She's the only one that chose to actually dress up for Super Hero Day, she even wore her crown from earlier this week for about half the day. Her comment to me this morning was "I am a super hero because I can show everybody love..." And she's RIGHT!!! She spent the entire day showing extra love to everyone and the super power was working great because she made each person she interacted with today feel better and feel loved.
YCJ spent about half the day trying to figure out what she wanted to be for Super Hero Day. After lunch she put on this star top and said it was her super hero uniform. That she was Cheer Girl who would go around doing good things for people and spreading her super power "Cheer Uppiness" (lol). She did it too. On our walk up to the mailbox today she picked everyone's garbage can that was on it's side and righted it, making sure it was at least a foot closer to the front steps of that person's house. Several people in the neighborhood thanked her and smiled, I'd say they got cheered up at least a bit.

ECJ came out earlier in his pj's and robe and tried to convince us that he was Camouflage Boy with the power to sleep all day. Nope. Didn't happen. He was told to get dressed and think of something else. When he came back out of his room he said "I'm AntiADHD Man! My super power is not letting ADHD beat me today." He proceeded to do all of his work until it was done, and that included the things I assigned for yesterday but that we were going to skip over! I am very proud of him for working through the distractions that were thrown at him today.

Fall is looking more and more fall-like every day. And so, of course, the children are outside playing again. What did Mommy chose as her super hero today? My children! Each and every one of them made me proud of them today and each of them became my super hero all over again today. The reminded me that playing super-hero can be fun but real super-hero's are hidden inside of each and every one of us each day!

That's the end of this year's spirit week. We had fun and we learned. It brought us closer together and made sure we enjoyed homeschooling all week. We will definitely be participating again next year when it's time for the third annual spirit week.

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