Friday, September 27, 2013

A look at our spirited week...

This week was surely different for us than any other week this year will be! It was International Homeschool Spirit Week  and we participated every day all week. Each day was something different and I blogged and shared everything about each day all week long here and at our Facebook page Homeschool Camper  !! 

And I've decided to link-up again with my weekly wrap up at  Weekly Wrap-Up because I've had comments all week on how much people had enjoyed reading the others who posted there last week, and new readers for me! I like sharing my precious children with all of you every time I get the chance.

Monday was Pajama Day! and we sure enjoyed spending the day relaxing! Noni came over that afternoon and we had pizza for dinner, her treat, and then went and signed the children up for their swim class which is to start on the second of October.

Tuesday was Homeschool Away from Home day. And though most of our lessons were done at home we did go to nearly every riverfront park in our small town and learn about the critters around our home and some of the history surrounding our town. Tuesday is also catechism day and though the Cracker Jack's do their class inside the school building attached to our church Peanut and I did her lesson outside on a bench by the river.

Wednesday was Crazy Hair day. And the kiddos had so much fun with their wacky hair and the crowns I made for them later after lessons because ECJ couldn't really participate because his hair was too short to do anything with other than dye and I wasn't going there. 

Our big idea of the week came from these apples that were given to us a few weeks ago. We'd been given two bags and we ate the first after just rinsing and wiping them. The red on the outside of the apple would smear into the white of the apple with each bite. I was surprised to find a recipe to "clean" apples on my personal Facebook page one day and decided to attempt it on the second bag of apples. It's just good clean water that you add 1/2 cup of plain vinegar to *I added about a cup* and let sit for about 15 minutes. I swished mine every couple of minutes and then rinsed with clean water and wiped them. There was definitely a big difference in how much dye remained on the skin of the apples!!!

Thursday was Volunteer Outside the Home day. We weren't able to do a whole lot right away this day towards volunteering. My back hurt and everyone whom I called either said no due to the children's ages or have yet to call me back. ECJ did give the elderly neighbor a price quote of $5 week for cutting grass and shoveling so that she can get rid of her pricey lawn company and save more money. We also experimented with "unschooling" kind of this day because my back was aching so badly. The children used a question their father asked Peanut about her crown being round to write poems about it and draw pictures about it.

Friday (today) was Super Hero day. My children reminded me that inside each and every one of us is a super hero and we don't need costumes and super powers like super strength to be hero's. They each made me so proud to be their mother today (they do every day but it hit my heart hard today).

Earlier this week I received a HUGE compliment in the comments of   this post of mine. We've been pinned on the mommy blog hop pinterest board!!! And pinned on another site's link up board!! All because I felt a need to share with others the coping skills that I work hard with my son for his ADHD. I was not expecting this what-so-ever and it made me dance on clouds for days!!!

And in about a week's time the farmer's field my door wall looks out on has gone from the picture on the right to the picture on the left. The green of summer is surely failing and turning into the gold's and oranges of autumn! This excites me to no end as it's a changing of the seasons, a chance to change our perceptions of the world around us, and a reminder that winter is coming and we need to be industriously working towards keeping our families safe and warm in the months ahead.

* If your interested in the entire posts for each day just look through the other posts from this week. They're all there as I made sure to post every day.

** And you can join our Facebook page  Homeschool Camper  where I share not only every post I do here but other tips and pictures as often as I am able. 

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