Monday, June 23, 2014

More Changes?

Well, if you're a regular reader of mine you'll know that not that long ago I finished a small series of what we'll be doing curriculum wise next year. At the end of this post will be a series of links to each of those posts. For now though I thought I'd highlight just the changes in what we'll be doing, the things written in red are what's changed since the original posts on what we'll be doing.

Math - We're switching from A Beka Mathematics to Saxon Math for the Cracker Jacks and McRuffy Math for Peanut. The Cracker Jacks both needed a bit more of a challenge and Peanut needed something a lot more visually stimulating. Beginning this summer, and working with it throughout the school year, ECJ will also be working on a new book from a garage sale entitled Painless Algebra, which honestly looks rather fun.

Science - All three campers will be doing Apologia Science next year. The girls will be doing Zoology 1 together while ECJ will be working through Physical Science ... We chose this course simply because we enjoyed ECJ's work through their General Science course and wanted a more meaty science curriculum.

History - ECJ will be doing Studies in World History Vol. 1 while the girls will be working through the first few books of the History of US by Joy Hakim.

Language Arts - There are a few changes here. Spelling for ECJ will come from his vocabulary and reading, any words he doesn't know will be added to the list. YCJ will continue to do her spelling out of our "Big Books" and Peanut will begin with that as well as work with the McGuffey Speller. She'll also be working through the readers in that series, as will YCJ. All three will continue to have reading assigned by me that correlates to all topics that we're learning. We also picked up some wonderful early spellers through 5th grade from a garage sale that was used in one of the semi-local school districts back in the 1930's. We'll be using them for both girls as well. A children's dictionary was also discovered at that same garage sale and we're absolutely going to be working on definitions this year.

Music - We'll definitely be using SQUILT this year along with our continued efforts to learn our instruments. 

At the moment that pretty much covers our curriculum changes this upcoming school year. Below are several links to the specific posts where I talk about most of these things in depth.

Language Arts
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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love seeing the different plans we all put in place for the upcoming year. Your post reminds me that it would be neat to do a follow up linky mid-year and at the end of the year about what changed from the plan and what worked along with what didn't work out.

    1. Things do change around here often. Sometimes we'll start with something we think will work out just great, only to discover that we simply aren't using it because we don't like it ... And of course then we end up switching to something else. I know I'd join up to those linkies when you posted them. :-)