Friday, June 13, 2014

Whoa What a Week!

So, what did this past week look like? Well, for starters I finished all of YCJ's accessories and bits of her outfit that I'd meant to give her on her birthday last month and began a new project for a friend of ours...
Messenger bag, my own design and freehand
Covered headband

Two-toned shawl/shrug

Harley Davidson colors inspired blanket.
Monday we had lessons inside, a walk to the store, a discussion as to why farmer's let some fields go fallow for a year (and what fallow means), play time outside, and read 25 pages of our new read aloud! It was a good day, especially where Monday's are concerned around here! 

Tuesday we'd only planned on a short lesson day, but as with all plans... that changed. It took far longer to do lessons than we'd planned with far less work to do and most of that review! The lawn was finally cut between Daddy, ECJ, and I ... Unfortunately, I took a fall onto both knee caps while doing so and jarred my knees and back quiet good. Though, even with that we were able to get some good outside time in. Peanut was in one of her "I'm going to be happily cranky and loud today" type of moods, which is always interesting but she calmed down when she got to help me cook supper. She also did her "E is for elephant" page that we got from our lovely librarian awhile back, this is the first time she didn't want my help making one of these!

Wednesday I had an eye appointment, those dollar store reading glasses just weren't cutting it anymore and my old prescription just didn't work either. I think I chose a decent pair of frames... 

We didn't begin our lessons until afternoon, which is more in keeping with our summer schedule. While I was at the eye doctor the children simply relaxed, played games, read, and whatever else they chose to do. The lessons went quickly due to the promise of outside time as soon as we were finished. A simple supper of mac and cheese for the campers and Daddy and I had soup and sandwiches later on.

Thursday we did our lessons and then went on a long evening drive, ending up about 50 miles from us (after the round about way of getting there) and taking a walk on the waterfront. ECJ finished up his latest crochet project and was showing how it can cover the back of a chair. Peanut was super busy reviewing the letter F in various different ways.

Friday and the end of the week has come. We didn't begin our lessons until almost afternoon. Peanut and YCJ managed to get all of their lessons done within our normal limit for school hours, meaning they were finished by 3:30 (we usually don't school after 4 PM). ECJ, on the other hand, spent his day daydreaming and is still currently working on his math (it's now 6:17 PM) and will continue to work on it until it's finished even if that means he ends up working on it in the morning. He's been given a deadline of 10 AM tomorrow morning. YCJ also finished up her English book today!!! All of the pages inside of the book have been completed! Trixie cat was showing off what ECJ's crochet project was really meant for (just one of the things ECJ did today instead of doing his work).

 This weekend we'll be going to Grandma and Papa's house on Saturday to visit and wish Papa a happy Father's Day and Grandma a happy birthday (it's really today). Grandma will be going to visit some of our family in Texas beginning on Sunday and won't be back for about a month!! Sunday, which is Father's Day, we'll be doing just what Daddy wants to do... Relax and do as little as possible! :-)

Our end of the year math review tests I've rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Next week also begins the "official" start to our summer schedule. So, we'll only be schooling three days next week, taking Wednesday (a visit with Noni) and Friday off of lessons. Long weekends are the order of the day this summer!!

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Next week there will be one or two more posts besides our weekly wrap up. I appreciate everyone sticking with me over the next few months while I get some crochet orders done so that I can make extra things to sell this fall to supplement our textbook budget. I'm truly using as much of my time as I can on these projects and have a few custom orders that I need to make already!

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  1. Taking drives with unplanned exciting destinations sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck getting your projects done! YCJ's outfit and accessories are so cute!

    1. We used to go to that waterside often, Daddy even proposed to me just down the sidewalk from where I took that picture! We don't do it often anymore but it sure is fun when we do. I'm about half done with the project for our friend and neighbor and almost ready to begin on the next one. Thank you for the compliment! She sure does like them and was super excited to find out that I can add more to the bottom of the skirt as she grows :-)