Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Day of Summer School

Let me start this post off with the following statement: "There is NO average, typical, this is how we do it day of summer around this house."

That being said, the following is what happened on June 24, 2014.

Around 8 AM the campers got up, did their chores, ate breakfast, and then headed into Peanut's bedroom. They turned on one of the kid music CD's, danced, sang, and played until a little after 10 AM.

Daddy and I spent that time drinking coffee and doing some other morning rituals we both have. He ended up taking some scrap back while I got ready for some lessons with the campers. It was raining when we woke up and it was calling for periods of rain throughout the day, so it was a perfect day to do lessons in the morning. During this time I also placed a call to the business that will be giving me an interview soon, it was supposed to be this afternoon but they'll be calling me another day to set up the interview. (Fingers crossed)

We began those lessons around 10:30. I'm not sure of the exact time we began but then again I was only on my third cup of coffee at the time. Peanut got a whole lot of work accomplished and even YCJ didn't fuss over her school work. ECJ ended up going outside and helping Daddy and then cleaning up the yard a little while we girls got through almost all of the days lessons.

Daddy got back from the scrap yard a little after noon and we all piled into the truck. Off we went to go check out a camper and view two houses. The camper did not suit us as it had been changed by the owners to fit their needs and not others needs, it would have been way too cramped for even a weekend away. Both houses were nice, one we had already seen and the other we had not. Something to think on later... During the whole time we were in and out of the rain. And did manage half an hour outside.

We got back home around 3 PM. Both girls decided to finish the last items on their list for the day lesson wise. YCJ even gave Peanut some creative advice on her Halloween picture for her letter H review. Peanut also earned another sticker for her Sesame Street reading poster.

Meanwhile, ECJ began working on his lessons again. He managed to get them all finished except for his Apologia by 4 PM. He also managed it all with only 3 changes of spots he was working in. I hopped on my computer for some game time, something I hadn't really been doing much of lately.

Around 5:30 I made a quick supper of soup and sandwiches for the kids and sausage and green beans for us parents. After supper the campers played a few games and read a little while I went back to my game and Daddy watched Netflix. It was raining again.

7 PM is medicine time around this house and it was given out accordingly. Bananas were chosen for desert and then the campers got ready for bed. In their rooms by 8:30 and I kept at my game for another hour and a half.

I turned off the computer and wandered into the bedroom. After a quick shower, I spent the next four hours crocheting and watching Netflix with Daddy. By the time we lay down to go to sleep we had spoken about the houses we'd seen and decided that neither was right for us. The search goes on...

To see how other's have been spending some of their summer days head on over to visit Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool and browse through the link up! It's always interesting to me to see what others are doing :-)


  1. This rain is crazy! We've got standing puddles in the grass now. The kids have been making Lego boats and joking that we may need one for an ark if it keeps raining like it has been. :) We've been great at getting our summer learning done in the mornings with the weather this way though.

    1. Last week they called for rain three days in a row, we got one. This week they've called for rain and we've gotten it every time. I'm glad things are green but with all the wet it's hard to keep up with the weeding in the flower garden and our wanted time outside. None of the campers likes wet seats if they sit in the grass to play. But, with lessons finished mainly in the AM we've had a lot of fun in the afternoons. They recently discovered Twister and the comments they're yelling out while playing are more entertaining than watching them actually play! It's funny that they're joking about the ark as well since my son said this morning that with the leftover wood we still have to get rid of it just might be a good idea to build one LOL