Friday, June 20, 2014

What Did We Really Learn?

There is oh so much that we did this week. And lessons were part of that. I'm not sure if there was too much new information learned, but learning did happen.

Most of our time was spent outside this week, so I didn't get to the other couple of posts I wanted to write. I'll have them ready for next week for sure.

We got some upsetting news from across the country about a family member on Father's Day. I spent the majority of the next 72 hours after hearing it simply making tons of phone calls and talking. We did do lessons on Monday and were able to get a little over half of our end of the year math review finished. Peanut worked on reviewing G and H and some of her other letters, but concentrated mostly on her reading (we recently got the McGuffy Primer in and she's able to read it now that we're not looking at it online).

Tuesday we'd planned to do lessons but I was just emotionally worn out and wanted to rest. Instead we played outside, took walks, and relaxed around the house. Though I did pick up my new glasses that morning. I still can't wear them as often as I should as I'm still getting used to the stronger prescription.

On Wednesday Noni came out and we ended up going to the mall instead of the beach. It was storming when we all woke up and was supposed to continue doing so all day. Instead it turned out to be a pretty good day with no more rain until mid-afternoon. Ah well, such is life and we had a blast! The children all got some new summer shoes and the mystery of why ECJ wears so many holes in his socks was solved. That'll happen when you're wearing shoes that are almost two sizes too small but not telling anyone that your shoes are too tight!

That evening Daddy actually took a full night to hang out with a cousin of his, this happens about once every seven years. So the campers and I camped out in the big bedroom with Netflix. I ended up being awake far longer than I thought I would be but got a lot done on the blanket I'm nearly finished with! I had to take a few days off from working on it because a cyst on my tendon in my hand was acting up and it hurt to work on anything that involved my hands for too long.

Thursday we finished up our end of the year math review and did a few other lessons. We quickly realized that the campers just do not do very well on tests because when we went back and reviewed the wrong answers they knew how to do the work and got the correct answers. We'll be doing it again next month so that they get a little more practice taking the math tests, since we'll be doing more of those next year than we have in the past.

So, now we come to Friday. I had a doctor appointment this morning, which went fairly well. I do need to get some x-rays done on my shoulder, wrists, and hands for arthritis but I already knew I had it. A ton of blood work was done as well and I now have a doozy of a bruise and a sore arm, but all in the name of getting healthy. We stopped at the park on our way home for an hour and a half of fun in the semi-sun and then a quick stop at the market before we got home. Now, we'll do some schooling this afternoon to avoid some rain and possibly go to the pool this weekend.

Update on the moving situation: We're still looking. However, we aren't going to make a big move or decision until I've seen the gynecologist. I will most likely be going in for surgery before fall and we know that we won't be moving before then. Instead of stressing ourselves out we're simply looking around to see if there's anything we're truly interested in.

Next week I'll be posting a day in the life post as well as a complete wrap up on how our curriculum plans look at this point for next year.

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