Friday, June 6, 2014

Were We On or Off?

I'm sitting here this Friday morning thinking back to our week and wondering if we were on or off this week. Technically our summer schedule hasn't started yet, but it seems that's what we've done this week instead of our regular schedule.

Monday - No lessons. We did a lot of reading but we were all not feeling really well and so we had no formal lessons.

Tuesday - This was the 3rd and for us that means it's time to do the majority of our monthly errand running. 

In either case, other than when we weren't home, this picture pretty much describes both days...

Wednesday - We did just under two hours worth of lessons. Peanut finished everything on her schedule, YCJ did about half, and ECJ got stuck on something because his mind wandered. When Daddy walked into the house from taking the neighbors up to the store we headed back out the door. By the time we got home I was sporting 4 new skeins of yarn from WalMart and this tote full of yarn from the thrift store!

Thursday - We spent the day going to garage sales and looking for houses for sale. Yup, I know that we only moved into this house a little over a year ago, we're not finished remodeling it, and we hadn't planned on moving. Events out of our control in the community have made us aware that it is possibly time for some change around here. We topped the day off with a trip to Dairy Queen and an evening drive because the weather had cooled and it was pleasant to be out. We did find some good school materials while we were at the garage sales:
3" binder already with sleeve
protectors and a snapping
pocket flap.
Scholastic Children's Dictionary,
Webster's Thesaurus, and
Painless Algebra.

None of the books I found were an absolute must but 3 out of the four were ones I was going to buy any way at some point. The Painless Algebra book I bought on a whim as ECJ needed something to challenge him this summer and it looked like it might be fun. If we don't use it this summer we will next year sometime.

So, now it's Friday... I plan on the children doing some lessons. The yard work getting done. The folding of the laundry being caught up. And a ton of crochet work happening over the weekend. I doubt very much we'll venture far from home today as we've been on the go most of the week. 

All in all it sure felt more like a summer schedule week than a normal schedule week. But, at this point the only thing left text wise that isn't finished is YCJ's English book, which will only take her a few weeks to completely finish at a relaxed pace. Peanut has a lot of workbooks to finish up but nothing that can't be handled by the end of summer. We'll buckle back down for next week and then swing into our summer schedule. All in all it was a good week... Now, if only Daddy and I could get rid of our coughs everything would be semi-normal. :-)

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  1. Sometimes the in between weeks are the best because you get some work done and some rest and play too. Right now my bed is piled with clean laundry the children dumped there as they did laundry. I don't know why they didn't keep it in their rooms and put it away? Once they finish their ice cream and movie I'm sending them up to get it done. :) We've been too busy with friends over all morning, lunch, quiet time, and outside time. It was a nice relaxed day and if they murmur about doing the laundry I'll remind them we could do school work instead. (And some may decide that is better - we'll see!) Have a lovely weekend and feel better soon!

    1. It was a really good week. My kids don't seem to understand laundry either. I gave up and just do it and fold it myself, but after age 5 you're supposed to put it away. So, I'll send them with a pile into their room all fresh and folded and when I walk in there later it's still sitting there not put away. Peanut would rather do school than laundry any day of the week (or clean for that matter lol). I'm hoping it's just a passing bug and it's gone in a few days. I have a giant list of things to be done outside this weekend but at least the weather should be nice and we'll be in the fresh air! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Happy House Hunting Chrystal. Are you going to stay in the area?

    1. We're not sure yet, Wendy. That's sort of the plan if we find a house we like. If not we may travel for a few years. We enjoy it. The bother of picking what goes with us, what goes into storage, what gets sold, and what gets donated is always a big undertaking but we get it done. Just not sure yet as to what we're doing. We'll know more by the end of summer. :-) BUT, I will keep this blog going from wherever we end up!

  3. Sometimes we just need that kind of break. Sometimes I feel like going somewhere everyday and sometimes I don't want to go anywhere for a week! I'm really looking forward to moving out of the middle of nowhere so that going shopping or running errands will not waste a whole day. One house we looked at was just across from our health clinic. After driving 3 hours to go to neurologist can you imagine how it would feel to just take a stroll across the stree!

    1. I can certainly imagine. The small town we live in now works great for small stuff. But, every month we have to do most of our errand running over an hour away. We end up making a day of it by stopping by family's houses so that it's not such a long time in the car and we get to see them (they live 45 minutes away in good traffic). Daddy's doctor's are mostly 40+ miles away and some are a lot further. Our main doctor is about 15 minutes for both us and the kids (they're neighbors lol). We used to live even further out with 80+ acres and it took a long time to do what was needed away from the house then too. I'm not sure exactly where we're going to move, but the one house we really like is about 20 miles closer and near good shopping and the freeway without having to be in the city. We'd loose a bedroom but that's no big deal.