Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How I Choose Our Latin and Religion Curriculum

Alright, so for a long time I used a lot of free things on the net (and I still do) to cover both of these subjects. And I probably could continue to do so. But, with ECJ in the middle school years and our church requiring that the children attend catechism classes there to make their sacraments (one full year for First Communion and two years just prior to Confirmation) things have changed a bit.

Next fall we're going to "officially" begin our forgein language studies. This was a bit of a puzzler for me at first. You see, there are several languages that we'd all like to learn. However, for this year Latin won out. The following year we'll be adding another language on top of Latin, most likely Polish as that's where my husband's family's origins come from. But, I digress and get ahead of myself there.

For Latin we're going with something that those of you who have children in Classical Conversations are probably familiar with. Song School Latin Book 1 for the girls ($24.95) which will provide us with 31 weeks of lessons and combine singing and drawing along with other things to help teach them both the basics of Latin. For ECJ, who if he were to attend CC would be in the Challenge B group, we'll be purchasing Henle First Year Latin text and key ($21.45) along with Henle Grammar, which is used through Latin IV, ($9.50). The prices given above would be our cost for brand new through the CC catalogue. If I buy them all used from one of my favorite online shopping sites they'll cost me $30.16. Which, not taking into account shipping costs, will save us around $25.74... Which will actually more than cover the shipping in this case!!

As for our religion curriculum, it's a whole other story. We'll be doing our daily readings from our church circular, learning several prayers through copy work, and saying our daily rosaries. However, there's the added cost of catechism classes at our parish. That cost is $155.00 for the academic year, total for all three campers. It's not a cost that we add into our curriculum budget because for us these are pretty much non negotiable classes. We also can make payments throughout the entire class period (almost the whole school year) which makes it much more "do-able". The books for the classes are included in that price (at $25 a pop, though I know they'd cost around $18 if I were to purchase them myself from the actual site) and whatever the campers do not finish during the regular catechism classes we do over the summer. The campers also attend a Vacation Bible School for a week out of the summer, this costs us $35 for the girls to attend and ECJ goes free since he volunteers to help out. The cost for the camp is added into our curriculum budget since it's not something we find non negotiable, although mornings with one's husband with the children off learning religion and having fun has it's perks that I wouldn't miss.

So, if you've been following this series you'll have realized that I've covered all the curriculum we're planning on using next school year at this point. I've covered math , language arts , science , history , health, physical education, art, and music . I've given a running list of our cost and how we're doing budget wise... Now, let's see if we're still within the budget of $400 for next year, shall we?

Total cost for Latin and religion curriculum: $65.16 (buying used)
Total cost for next year's curriculum (3 kids): $384.21!!

Within budget! But, how am I going to offset this cost? I mean, we're not the family who has $384.21 just sitting here ready for me to use. I can't spend that much all at once either, it's not within our living budget every month. So... What are we going to do? Well, you'll have to check back with me next Wednesday to find out!!! (*smile*)

And if you want to know what we'll be working on over the summer, I'll be posting about that the Wednesday after next (May 28th).

Thanks for sticking with me this far, one more post in this series and we're wrapping it up. I know it's been difficult for some to have to wait a week to see what's been chosen next and I really appreciate you hanging in there with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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