Friday, June 27, 2014

Relaxing Through It

This week has been one of the most relaxing weeks of this whole summer so far. Not because we set out for it to be, but simply because it was. Though it didn't start out that way...

This is what we did over the weekend (OK, mainly Daddy did it, but we did help him)...

What you're looking at are the remains of our old camper that has sat by the side of the house since late summer last year. Daddy got a burn barrel and took out his big saw. Two days full of cutting, burning, stacking, and bundling. A day off and then more bundling (not pictured) before the garbage men came. Thursday there was some more cutting and bundling, but the wind has not cooperated for burning... We don't want to inadvertently start a fire or spread the smoke too much into our neighbors homes. For those of you who have never had a burn barrel those two buckets of water in the one picture are always there in case the fire gets out of control... Ten gallons of water goes a long way towards putting out a fire in a barrel.

Monday YCJ finally got her spacer out at the dentist. This is a picture I snapped on our walk back, you can just barely see the gap in her bottom teeth where the spacer used to be. And I'm sure you can tell by the smile on her face how excited she was, even with half of her face numb!

While we were at the dentist I made an appointment for a cleaning and check up for Peanut next month. She's the one I'm rather worried about as she doesn't do well with things that don't happen all of the time. I did speak to those at the dentist office though and I'll be in the room with her the whole time. She'd cause them too much issue if I wasn't and not allow them to do anything to her mouth.

If you follow this link you'll see what we did on Wednesday. No, I didn't forget about Tuesday... I just forgot what we did :-)

Thursday we did lessons, played outside, and then relaxed while Daddy worked on more cutting and bundling. Peanut finished her review of the letter I and spent a good amount of time working on her words from McGuffey's Primer. We've got a lot of words we're reviewing from it right now. I make a card for each word and we go through them about four times a day. I ran out of blank cards though, so we won't be moving on to any new words until the week after next. I'll be buying the blank ones next week, but with the holiday and Noni coming out both next week and doing our running that we need to do I doubt we'll have more than a day or so of lessons all week long.

This morning (Friday morning) we woke up to YCJ sitting on the couch like this:
Yes, that is a long sleeved nightgown and stretch pants that she's wearing on an 80* day. Daddy and I both knew immediately that she wasn't feeling well, though she tried to tell us that she was just tired. I had her change into something a little cooler, yet still comfy, and go lay on her bed to watch a movie or two. This way if she wanted to cover up she could. The best medicine for the "blechs" (our word for feeling icky but not really sick) is to rest and take it easy. We'll keep an eye on her all day but mainly she'll have her space to just relax. Peanut's taking this time to clean her room and play quietly by herself, which normally she won't. ECJ is fussing with Trixie cat who's in a mood and keeps swatting at him. ECJ is too old for me to get in between him and the cat, sooner or later he'll stop messing with a cat when it doesn't want to be fussed with.

As for this weekend coming up... Maybe we'll cut up and bundle the rest of the wood. Perhaps we'll burn the dried leaves from who knows how many falls we found under the pile. Or... we might just relax and do whatever we find interesting in the moment. I love not having a plan sometimes... not all the time, but sometimes.

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  1. A relaxing week sounds good to me. I hope YCJ is feeling better by now. Did you say that you WALKED home from the dentist? I would love to live that close to our dentist!

    1. YCJ is feeling a lot better now. Yup, :-) , we walked home from the dentist. It takes about an hour of relaxed walking to and then from ... so two full hours just about. We also walk up to the church pretty often. It's something we're all pretty used to since we don't like driving everywhere. The dentist is actually before the library and we walk up there most of the time too. :-)