Friday, May 2, 2014

Wretched Weather, Wonderful Week

This week we had only a four day week. Instead of doing lessons on Friday, or running our monthly errands on the third, we're doing our monthly errands on Friday (the 2nd) because we have the Cracker Jack's First Communion on Saturday!!

So, why is the weather wretched but the week wonderful? We've had rain in several different forms (drizzle, thunderstorms, downpours, and "drippy" rain) and a freak snow flurry!!! Needless to say we've gotten less than 15 minutes outside this week because none of us likes being outside during gray weather. It actually makes us all tired and want to curl up with our favorite thing, be it a book, crochet, or movies.

On Monday we had a day simply blessed. Our Mondays are always horrid, no one wants to do anything, no one can concentrate, and Murphey's Law is almost always in full effect. Not this Monday. Small little blessings all day long kept everyone in a wonderful mood and cooperative in their lessons. Our day went by in no time at all and there wasn't a single snarky comment or "mean" tone.

Tuesday was also a good day. Again, it was like the Twilight Zone here because everyone did their lessons with no issue and all the new concepts were "clicking" not to mention ECJ earned a 91% in his Module 9 quiz in Apologia General Science. I also shared a few funny videos (in a closed group) of my "belly button" crochet style and how I'm doing learning to do it "the right way" after 20+ years.

I'm posting the short video of how I'm getting along the "correct" way on our Facebook page .
Dictionary skills!!

Wednesday came and the children were looking towards the long weekend, the rain was making them cranky and restless, and we plugged quietly through our lessons. Most of which got finished, some of which didn't. But, again, we had some blessings thrown our way. The biggest of which being that the store we use for our eyeglass needs has given us a brand new set of glasses (with better frames) for Peanut since her's had broken again! We'll be receiving them sometime next week. I also made an adorable little crochet covered headband for Peanut after she went to sleep this night.

The last day of lessons this week, Thursday, could have gone better but most certainly could have gone worse! "Most" of our lessons were completed, what wasn't has been scheduled to be finished on our half day next Monday. We finally received our code for three months free of Math Seeds (having completed a survey early last month and waiting two weeks after we were supposed to have been emailed it). We also received four free weeks of Reading Eggs through email that we're allowed to pass on to anyone and everyone (this happened on Wednesday but we didn't plug the code in until today)! So, if you want to try out Reading Eggs for a month free just contact me with your e-mail address and I'll forward the email to you! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So, now, Thursday night as I type this we're looking forward to our long, though very busy, weekend. A day of errands on Friday, a First Communion and celebration later at our house on Saturday, one of our niece's Confirmation on Sunday, and the girls have a doctor appointment on Monday. I'm as ready for it as I can be at this point. The house is 99% clean, the clothing is all prepped, we pick up the cake tomorrow, dogs are scheduled at the beauty salon tomorrow for baths, and I have a game plan for scheduling. We'll see how it goes! Look for a post on this blessed weekend we'll be having, which I will be posting (God willing) Monday sometime.

YCJ had a bit of a difficult week and kept making it known by dragging out her math lessons so as to avoid her health and history lessons this week. She did spend some time on Eggy 100 (an app for 100 sight words) early during the week, read some of her library books willingly, and finished up one of her science workbooks. I do have to say that she gives the camera some of the most interesting looks I've ever seen!

Peanut keeps checking off all those little boxes! She's enjoying making letter crafts (given to us graciously by one of our local librarians), learning her math dollar store style, finishing off one set of beginning readers and moving on to another (!!!), and all around being a ham when the camera isn't on.

ECJ hasn't given us a problem this week with his lessons. But, boy (!), has he been testing our patience in other ways! I swear it's the age or the fact that he's a boy (or a combination of both) but sometimes he'll do his chores with no issues and sometimes he'll go through weeks of basically not doing them at all! We fabricated some curtains and tie backs for his room earlier in the week. Simply took a felt blanket, cut (basically) up the middle and left a good section uncut, added some buttons, and used some old lamp chain we had lying around to fasten the buttons with and make tie back's. This has given him much more privacy.

Around the house: We've managed to clean out the car, the sun porch, finish the sun porch off (at least until we get some indoor/outdoor carpeting and some more paint), ate 4 suppers from the crock pot (which saved us a bunch of time and aggravation this week), and I worked on many little crochet projects throughout the week. 

I also caught a cute picture of the dogs waiting on Daddy to come home from an errand earlier in the week as well...
Posts to look for next week: A special post on our First Communion receivers and other blessings of this weekend on Monday. The next part of the series for "How I Choose Our ... Curriculum" on Wednesday. And several other oddities that'll make you smile (I hope) throughout the week.

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  1. First congrats on the upcoming First Communion. I learned something new today. In our diocese First Communion happens just after First Reconciliation and well before Confirmation. I had to read your post twice to make sure I had it right and then go and Google the "rules". Those "rules" differ quite a bit from place to place. First Communion here also starts the expectation that the kids will alter serve. Confirmation is when that unofficial expectation ends for some families. In those cases they are usual expected to volunteer in some other way.

    1. Thank you for the congrats! (this mamma bawled like a baby lol) I'm exhausted right now, but you've taught me something new today as well! :-) Thanks. My son wants to altar serve starting in the fall but my daughter doesn't (however she took her new rosary out within minutes of the party ending and began saying it lol)

  2. It sounds like a good week despite the rain.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It really was a super week despite the rain. We've got sun today and the forecast is calling for more (I can only pray lol)

  3. I'm glad Murphy's law did not prevail this week! Everyone looks so cute and happy even the dogs! I'll check your Holy Communion post. Your crochet style is something else! LOL! Hope to see you again this Friday!

    1. OH, I'll be there on Friday with bells on LOL ... if nothing else than to show off one of my belly button crochet creations and some cute pics of the kids LOL. It was such a nice week, the weather could have been better but the campers see "the end" in sight. We school year round but in about 3-4 weeks we're on our summer schedule and that's MUCH more relaxed LOL