Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things My Kids Should Know

You know, some things we just find more important in our lives that our children need to know than other things. And that's how it should be. Perhaps your family is really into history and you feel that in order for your children not to repeat the past they must know of the past. For some they think that God's word is the most important thing their child could ever know, for some it doesn't even register. The point here is we're all different and we all want our children to know certain things that are germain to our family's social economical, political, and religious view points. We all want to ground our children in knowledge of some kind so that they fare better in their adult lives than perhaps we did.

For me these things are simple...

I want my children to know God. Yes, we are raising them Catholic. But, if they choose to convert to another religion later in their lives I would be fine with that. So long as they knew God. He is the only one you can always fall back on when things go wrong. He knows your good and bad from the day you're thought of. You can have no better friend in my opinion.

I want my children to know how to stand up for themselves. I don't ever want my children to feel backed into a corner or forced into something by a friend, peer, sibling, or spouse. I want them to stand up for themselves in all things. No, not be defiant and unwilling to bend when situations call for it. But, to be able to say, "You will not walk all over me. I am a person and I count too."

I want my children to know how to show mercy. It is easy to push someone while they are down. It is harder to lift them up and walk with them until they can do it on their own again.

I want my children to know generosity. I'm not talking about money here folks. I want them to be generous in their lives, in how they treat people, in how they spend their time, and in what they do for their friends. It is easy to get lost in our own lives these days, not so easy to give our precious time to another who may need us more than we know.

I want my children to know how to remain individuals in a world where it is easy to become just like someone else. 

Oh, I want them to know how to cook and clean, add and read, write and speak in public. But, to me, them knowing how to be themselves and how to talk to God are some of the biggest and best things that I can teach them. I spend a great deal of time on the internet, but near as much as I did in the past. I spend a great deal of time on the smart phone, but so much less than I used to. I also spend a great deal of time talking and spending time with those I love. My children, my husband, and God get the majority of my time. I am an individual as well as a mother and a wife. I am a crafter, a reader, a writer, someone who prays, someone who cries, and someone who rails against injustices. I want my children to value who they are, who they were meant to be, and what God intends them to be.

I want them to look up from technology, current fads, what they're friends are doing, and everything else and simply be as God intended. 

I found a video just a day or so ago about loosing yourself to technology instead of looking up and seeing the world. No, the video does not talk about looking up to God ... simply look up from the screen. I'm going to share it here and then I'm going to step away from the screen for awhile and enjoy what God has given me...

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