Friday, May 16, 2014

Birthday Rain

It has seriously rained nearly every day for the last two weeks. It's not the most fun and I actually enjoy thunderstorms! We went from a high of 84 degrees (Tuesday) to a low of 62 degrees during the day (Wednesday)!! Severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, the whole shebang! 

So, instead of going over each day this past week in detail I'm just going to hit the highlights. 

Monday we called a Movie Monday . The campers watched movies, wrote or told us about them afterwards, and tried to ignore the storms outside. I blogged and watched the weather reports (the day of the tornado warnings). They were pretty oblivious to what was really going on which was what I wanted, in all honesty. I spent part of my childhood in KY where tornadoes could get you locked into a convenience store when the skies had been clear two minutes prior to your entering the store (true story, happened when I was 15). These kids know the drill but have never actually seen a tornado and I didn't want them to begin freaking out. If it had become necessary we'd have done what we needed to do, but until that point (thank God it didn't happen) we were attempting to keep them mostly in the dark about it. Peanut does not like storms of any kind and would have panicked beyond belief had she known.

Tuesday we did lessons as planned. I fleshed out this week's lesson plans a bit more and then finished next week's and started the week after. The end is in sight for when we begin our much lighter summer schedule and I'm confident we're right on target! It was hot outside and rainy which made it muggy. I opened the curtains to let in the light but the house warmed up quickly and the little window air unit couldn't keep up. As soon as lessons were finished I shut those curtains!!
 That night ECJ whacked his noggin pretty good on a cupboard while being in a rush and acting goofy trying to duck around me in the laundry room. Right at bedtime too. So, he was up until midnight with me while I watched his pupils and how he was acting. He wasn't sleeping in that picture with Trixie cat, just resting and wishing I'd let him go to bed. By then we'd been able to leave the ice pack off for awhile and it didn't look as bad as I'd first thought.

Wednesday there were more lessons. Peanut finished the final bit of her ABC's (it's all review again now and nothing in any Preschool books from here on out), she's actually known the last several week's worth of ABC lessons but I wanted to make sure she truly knew them so that she could write them. ECJ is finished with his English book so he's been doing a lot of creative writing and reports this week, he's also spent a good deal of time working with YCJ to help her get her lessons finished in a timely manner while I'm working with Peanut. I put the last touches on Peanut's new crocheted dress Tuesday night and she modeled it for several hours on Wednesday.

Thursday of course there were more lessons. YCJ finished up her Health text (super excited camper there) and then played alphabet and number matching card games for an hour or two in the afternoon. She surprised me that night with a neck warmer to help when my neck gets stiff before a migraine sets in (an early birthday gift I'll be keeping forever)!!

So, now it's Friday. My birthday. I'm 29 again ;-) and we had some more lessons. Not a whole lot as Peanut woke up around 2 AM with a mild fever and slept with us the rest of the night. Her fever is still hanging around and she's mildly irritated so we cut lessons short, the campers even suggested finishing this week's lessons over the weekend! (There's not much left but I think they want to stay on schedule now that they see the end coming LOL) YCJ noticed that Monday she begins the review section in her math book, ECJ's still plugging through his review section in math, Peanut reviewed Z, A, B, and C this week (she hasn't finished the C craft yet), and I'm pleased as punch to be having coffee cake for desert tonight along with Daddy cooking tonight and tomorrow for me.

What's my big birthday gift from Daddy this year? We'll be going out to dinner, without the campers, on May 30th! He has it all set up. Babysitter, meal paid for, everything is taken care of!! I spent part of my day crocheting YCJ's top to her new dress I'm making and will spend the rest of the day either working on that or playing my computer games. I'm a big nerd that way and darned happy about it!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I used to tell people I was between 3 and 30 depending on how childish I was being. Then I had to change it to between 4 and 40 and then to between 5 and 50. Eventually I go with my mother's thought process. She defines old as 10 years older than she is. Philip clobbered his head on a cupboard door this week as well although not nearly as badly. He has apparently grown just enough not to fit under them any more. I can't count the number of times I have had to check my kids for concussion.

    1. My mother gave my grandmother a gold necklace that says "Always 29", when grandma passed when I was 28 she gave it to me and made me swear that I'd start wearing it on my 29th birthday and never get a day older than that. It was her secret to staying young LOL. She wore it all the way until the day she passed and until she got too sick to be awake she never acted old. ECJ's always whacking his head on something and driving me batty, I swear one of these days he'll do that an all the sense will be knocked clean out of him. He's used his head to fight rocks, concrete, bathtubs, you name it he's hit his head on it. Poor kid's pretty much like I am. Sorry to hear about Philip clobbering his head. I really dislike watching for concussions but it sure beats the alternatives :-)

  2. Happy birthday! You're older than me because I'm only 21! The dress looks so cute on Peanut! I'm so glad the tornado didn't come round and that ECJ did not have a serious head injury! Have lots of fun on your birthday date! I hope we'll se some pics!

    1. Thanks Sylvia! It's OK I'm a bit older I'm having fun being 29. Thanks for the compliment on the dress. I was worried for the kids if the tornado did come, we've gone over what to do but they've never experienced one (where as Daddy and I both have). I'm hoping to post some good pics of my date night :-) It's going to depend on Daddy since he hates our camera (it's slow to get ready to take a second picture after you take the first).