Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting Ready for the Zoo

How homeschoolers get ready for the zoo...

We talk about it for a week or so before actually going. Discussing the animals we're likely to see, the exhibits that we don't want to miss, and what we might learn while we're there.

Mom/Dad/teacher prints out some zoo activities or plans for an after the zoo report to be done.

Backpacks (at least one) are packed with snacks, drinks, sketch books, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, and a camera. Double check the day before that camera and phone are fully charged.

Find shirts that are similar in color, at least for the children, so that they can be spotted quickly. 

Lay out all clothing the night before from youngest person to oldest simply to make the morning easier. Plan out breakfast so that there's no rush. Put any morning meds right near the breakfast things so you won't forget to pass them out/take them, and (most important in my book) prep the coffee pot so that you don't forget to drink coffee before heading out.

Get any hair doo-dads ready to coordinate with the girls outfits and set them near the hairbrush, making sure the hairbrush is where it belongs.

*This next bit may be me only* Grab current work in progress (WIP) of crochet so that you can keep busy on the ride to the zoo (about an hour and a half from our home).

Toss a couple of quick reads into the backpack for the children before you turn in for the night.

That way your morning should look something like the following (if all goes as planned):

6:30 AM - wake up, turn on coffee pot, take shower, get dressed, pour cup of coffee, and read personal Bible readings for the day

7:30 AM - feed the early riser, send her off to brush her teeth, get dressed, and do her hair before the other two wake up

8 AM - wake up any campers not already awake, pass out breakfast and meds, send them off quickly to brush teeth and get dressed, then do littlest girl's hair and your own

9 AM - Devotional time, Bible read aloud, say a decade of the rosary, and pray  (perhaps to yourself) that the children behave that day

9:45 AM - Announce potty time and double check the backpack(s)

10 AM - Head out the door and begin our drive

That's the plan anyhow. That's what we're expecting to happen. Of course somewhere in there the earliest riser will wake up and interrupt my readings (thank goodness she can get her own breakfast and doesn't need any medication), I'll forget the second cup of coffee I poured and have to heat it up before I can drink it, and chances are the children will all make bathroom stops but I'll forget to and will have to wait until we reach the zoo.

*Both images in this post were taken from the Detroit Zoo homepage.*

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  1. I love the zoo.....let me know if you need another chaperone!!

    1. :-) We're going on Wed. YCJ is receiving a membership for the next calender year. Wednesday is with my mother but if you'd like to join us any other month just let me know! We'd be happy for the company!

  2. Thanks Chrystal, I take care of the food pantry at HC and Wednesdays are our distribution days. That doesn't mean I can't do things on Wednesdays but this week is my turn for handling it. I would love to join you another time though.

    1. Pretty much any other time you'd like to come along would be wonderful! We're planning on going often this year since we'll have the membership. Let's try to figure out a day that would be good for the both of us either next month or the following :-)