Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Between stomach viruses, freezing weather, frost bite advisories, and snow fall there has been absolutely no outside time this week at all. Yes, Elder Cracker Jack shoveled snow a few times but that's it. The wind is blowing enough that every teeny tiny crack is blowing gale force winds on my toes. My water is dripping so my pipes don't freeze. And children, adults, and animals alike are snuggling up to stay warm. Oh, our furnace is working it just can't keep up in this weather. My dogs whom normally want outside like 100 times a day are down to like three times a day because THEY don't want to be outside. I'd love for the children, now cooped up for over a week in the house, to be able to go outside and play. But frost bite advisories just aren't something to mess around with.

We did run our errands on Friday but there was no stopping to play at a park or in a friend or family member's yard. It was COLD! So, we watched DVD's together this week, made play dough ice cream, and generally enjoyed each other's company. I'm all for getting out of doors and soaking up the sunshine. But when the sun is covered by snow clouds, wind is whipping you senseless and could freeze your extremities, and you're getting lake effect snow ... I'll stay inside in my comfy jammies with a good book thank you very much.

We stopped to show the children the effect that had happened on the lake and I took a few pictures with my phone. The ice breakers had attempted to free up the main channel in the center and it all just froze again! This was the results for miles!

We normally stop there to watch barges or go swimming, it's right across from one of our nearest and dearest campgrounds. My, but we've never seen that sight before!

And bringing another bit of warmth into the house we adopted this little girl!

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