Monday, January 20, 2014

Finding Foot Prints

All of last year you may have noticed that we find a lot of animal prints in the ground near and around our home. Having a field nearby certainly helps foster a wonderful arena for animal print tracking. We didn't want to miss out on finding any during the winter, though there are less animals outside to make the prints. So, onto the Winter Bucket List it did go.

And, while I have no other projects from our bucket list for this season that I can say we've completed, we did find animal prints! And right outside our side door one morning!!

You can barely see the prints in this picture (taken without the zoom by ECJ from our side of the ditch). I spotted these while looking out at the snow first thing in the morning. 
ECJ braved the frigid cold weather for me before dusk to snap pictures of the prints that I'd shown to the girls from the warmth of the house. Do I feel this was cheating a little bit? Nope. Absolutely not. After so many illnesses and other not so wonderful things lately we were staying warm and letting brother brave the cold. These were a close up of the prints on our side of the ditch, actually just coming up out of the ditch.
I did go out momentarily after viewing the pictures to attempt to identify the print owners. As you can see from the picture above they look like a stick had just been pressed into the snow at regular intervals ... But, when you look at the same shot close up and from the side (like the picture below) you can tell there's a few drag marks. Can you guess which animal this is??

If you guessed deer then you are absolutely right! Our little four legged friends are back, though this is the closest I've ever had one come to our home. I haven't seen many deer prints in the winter time but this sure cheered me right up. 

Finding animal tracks in the snow was number 15 on our bucket list for this winter. As you can tell we don't really go in order with what we check off. And I have a feeling that over the next week or two many of the inside items on our bucket list will be worked on due to the cold weather keeping us inside most of the time.

There is some progress going on with the children's rooms being remodeled. However, I'm not yet ready to post even the beginning pictures (dealing with horrible wiring) yet. So, next week we may just have a very full and busy post to share!!

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