Monday, January 27, 2014

Mysterious Green "Goop"

We're joining up again this Monday with Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday!!

And while our menu isn't exactly crazy and out of the ordinary, our deserts this week are definitely thinking "outside of the box"!

We like to read certain books around here ... I wonder if you can guess who "he" is when you see our deserts...

Sunday - Kielbasa "tacos", kielbasa with onions/peppers/and cheese, and corn
Monday - Turkey lasagna (sorry, secret recipe ;-) ) and homemade garlic bread with "green goop" for desert
Tuesday - Pork ribs with BBQ sauce, baked potatoes, and green beans with "green jiggles" for desert
Wednesday - Beef stir fry (something beef night) with "green slime" for desert
Thursday - Baked chicken legs (half marinated in Dale's sauce half not), collard greens, and mashed potatoes with "green smoothies" for desert
Friday - Tuna casserole with "green goop" for desert
Saturday - Leftover buffet (if there's any leftovers, if not we'll eat turkey tacos)

Our lunches this week are a bit different! We had strawberry muffins for lunch on Sunday. Our regular lunches on Monday. Tuesday we're planning on having "fake" ravioli for lunch. While Wednesday is going to be a surprise because Noni is coming out at lunch time! The rest of the week after that is probably going to be our old stand by's or soup.

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